Android 14 Will Bring Satellite SMS to All Phones

Apple popularized messaging with its latest generation of iPhones, letting you send out emergency SOS alerts when you are out of reach of WiFi or cellular connections. Samsung is also about to unveil its satellite messaging solution soon.

Google, however, has its own plans in the mix, letting everyone take advantage of the novel feature. The search engine giant is planning to release satellite SMS support to all phones running , provided you have supporting hardware of course.

After its initial launch, the feature will start rolling out to Samsung and Pixel phones at first before becoming available to other Android phones. Samsung's Galaxy S22 Ultra already tested satellite calling a while ago, so this development does not come as a surprise.

The extent of Android 14's satellite messaging remains unclear for now. It is also worth mentioning that all Android phones are built differently, so there is a high chance that some OEMs may not introduce satellite messaging at all, despite running the latest version of Android.

Android 14's official release is not far anymore either. As always, it is going to debut alongside Google's next-gen Pixel phones, which are expected to launch in October this year.

And speaking of Google Pixel 8 phones, they are rumored to feature the company's custom Tensor G3 chipset, which will be provided by TSMC this time rather than Samsung.

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