Bing Intelligent Question Answers Supported In Over 100 Languages

said its questions and search feature is now supported in over 100 different languages. It is all powered by ’s use of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Bing said “Bing expanded its intelligent question-answering feature to more than 100 languages, making AI and Bing itself more inclusive and accessible. What is amazing is this is achieved by using a language agnostic approach. In other words, the AI model generating the intelligent question-answering in Urdu is the same one generating the intelligent question-answering in Romanian.”

Bing explained this is powered off of “multilingual pre-trained models such as M-BERT, Unicoder, XLM-Roberta and Turing Universal Language Representation model (powered by Microsoft latest cross-lingual innovation InfoXLM) have been developed to learn multilingual language representations by leveraging large-scale multilingual corpuses for cross-lingual pre-training.”

Here is a GIF of it in action:bing-intelligent-question-answers-supported-in-over-100-languages


So this now works in 100 languages and 200 regions in Bing Search.

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