Chain Partners completes another funding round to accelerate Blockchain company-building | Tech News

Chain Partners, an enterprise builder focused on building and nurturing blockchain-based companies, has announced that it has completed the investment of ~11M USD on May, 30th.

DSC Investment, Capstone Partners and DS Asset Management, as well as Premier Partners and three other new entrants, participated in the investment. The firm has raised the total of about $14M USD to date.

Chain Partners plans to focus the funds on the David and EOS, two cryptocurrency exchanges that open in June. It will also be used to improve the quality of ongoing projects and recruit talented resources.

Chain Partners was founded in August last year with the aim of building a company that specializes in blockchains and cryptocurrencies. A company builder means a company that grows a company for its success.

Some of Chain Partners’s involvement in Blockchain space include: ‘Tokenomia’ that helps develop and issue cryptocurrency, ‘Coin Duck‘, a cryptocurrency in-store settlement service, ‘EOSYS‘, an EOS-focused blockchain accelerator, ‘Decenter’, a blockchain media, ‘Decenter University’, a blockchain academy and ‘Coin Sight’, a blockchain Research Center operated by securities analysts. In addition, Chain Partners are developing 10 additional blockchain projects that have not yet been announced or released publicly.

“We are pleased to be able to work together with good partners to grow a healthy blockchain ecosystem in Korea,” said Mr. Chul Min Pyo, the CEO of Chain Partners. “We will work closely with all the companies in the market. Also, we will work hard to raise good producers so as not to lose the good reputation Korea currently has in the blockchain and crypto market.”

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