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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been the Hot Topic for a while now. Everyone’s writing about it breathlessly: it’s the future of business, kicking nerdy data analytics in the face as it takes a quantum leap into the future and your company will wither into dust without it. All the serious research firms say oh yes, definitely. Get AI and your company will be golden.  Miss the “AI trend” and you might be looking for a new job soon.

We say — enough vague talk about the possibilities of AI. Let’s see the results. Let’s get the companies where AI is really driving business impact up on stage.

This is why we are launching an Innovation Showcase Competition at this year’s VB Summit: Accelerating your business with AI, October 22 and 23 in Mill Valley, California.

It’s a contest for the AI winners. We’re not looking for early startups with seed money and a dream, but for the Series A-plus companies who have shown traction and have success examples they can showcase. We’re looking for companies that have put their money where their mouths are and can show us how they’ve used AI for real-world, measurable, tangible impact on their business or within their vertical.

Show us real business impact. Show us specific, innovative use cases. Show us why you’ve deployed an AI strategy, and exactly how it has transformed your business.

You’ll have three minutes on stage in front of 200 executives who are in the market to buy AI solutions and platform.  Our panel of entrepreneurs and investors will provide real-time feedback after you and you might just win one of our VentureBeat awards!

Let’s stop talking about the promise of AI and get right down to the execution.

To apply, just fill out the form here.

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