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EE is introducing a plan to enable you to your part way through your deal, much like the existing O2 Refresh.

Customers on an Upgrade Anytime plan can upgrade from 15 days after opening a contract should you really want to! Naturally, you need to trade-in your existing handset and sign up to a brand new 24-month deal. Essentially, it's a way to retain your custom of course.

We'd recommend you look into the costs before signing up simply because if you are looking to change phones potentially halfway through you may be better off just selling the phone on the open market and using that cash towards a new SIM-free phone. 

With Upgrade Anytime you also get the best of a Max plan, like free access to BT Sport and inclusive roaming to over 50 destinations. 20, 60 and 100GB data allowances are also on offer, too. 

EE also recently introduced the EE Flex Plan – the fusion of pay-as-you-go freedom with monthly payment simplicity. That plan, introduced in late July, enables you to have a monthly payment, so there's no need to top-up like you do with pay-as-you-go.

All the plans have unlimited text messages and all last for 30 days. There's the added bonus that if you don't use all your data, it will roll over to the next month, so you're not just losing data if you choose to go big. 

Where this differs from a traditional contract is you're not locked in; you can change, cancel or pause your Flex Plan whenever you like, because it only lasts for 30 days. 

Of course, it's worth checking whether this is what you really need, as when you get to the higher data options, regular 12-month tariffs are better value for money.

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