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Google today announced the introduction of a visual snapshot feature to summarize your daily agenda, ranging from reminders on your to-do list, commute time to work, packages that will arrive soon, and other information.

Snapshots can change based on time of day, location, and other factors.

The snapshot with Google Assistant is nearly identical to what Android smartphone users see when they swipe left away from their home screen and tap the same icon, but will expand to include recommendations for music, podcasts, and other services.

Visual snapshots are available starting today through the Assistant app on iOS and with a long press of the home button on Android smartphones, where a new button inbox button now appears.

Home smart speakers can provide a similar rundown any time a person says “Tell me about my day,” a feature that will soon be enlivened by the voice of singer John Legend.

Unlike My Day, a visual snapshot will also tell you about upcoming flights, restaurant, and movie reservations; surface suggested reminders based on commitments made in emails; nudge you about bills that need to get paid; update on stocks you follow; tell you where you parked your car; and even recommend voice apps to try.

It also includes invitations to explore news, weather, games, and local businesses, as well as reminders and notes from popular productivity apps like Google Keep, Todoist,, and Bring.

Google Assistant can factor into commute time whether you drive, bike, walk, or take public transportation to get to work.

The visual snapshot emerges around the same time that Google Assistant’s smart speakers with a screen are scheduled to make their debut, and since the speakers draw their visual UI from the Assistant experience on mobile devices, the new devices may include the visual snapshot as well.

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