Google Chrome New Feature Allows Password Sharing

As of the moment, hasn't confirmed the actual launch date of this new feature. But, rumors claimed that it would be released as a new function for the current built-in password manager of Google Chrome.

Google Chrome Share Password Feature

If you visit your desktop's Chrome browser and go to the Settings Password section, you will see that the three-dot icon for your password only allows you to do three things.

These are editing, copying, and removing your password. But, a Google leaker posted a tweet showing that there will be a fourth option to “send password.”

Will This Lead To Security Issues

Since the new Chrome feature involves sending passwords to other parties, some people may think twice about whether they'll use it or not.

But, experts said that the new feature might not be intended for regular consumers. Instead, the password sharing function will most likely be used by those working in companies, as reported by Android Police.

For example, if your company handles different social media accounts or has different services that rely on Chrome, the new password sharing feature will be useful.

It will be safer compared to copying passwords and sending them through other messaging platforms. If you want to see further details about the new Chrome password sharing feature, you can click this link.

In other news, the new Google Chrome Dark Mode feature was recently introduced. Meanwhile, Google Pixel 6 suffer from WiFi issues.

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