Google Pixel 3 units are overheating to a point where they are shutting down

The Google 3 and 3 are barely a month old but the list of bugs and problems with either phone appears to be endless already. Customers who have purchased the Google 3 are now beginning to claim that the phone suffers from overheating issues while charging.

Various users who have faced the problem claim that their have heated to a when the phone has shut down. As per a report by GSMArena, Pixel 3 owners have taken to Reddit and the Google product forums to highlight the issue. The problem is prevalent on both the standard Pixel 3 and the larger Pixel 3 XL variant.

Some users claim that the problem persists regardless of whether the phone is being charged using the regular bundled adapter or a third-party adapter.

Sometimes when I can’t sleep I play chill music from my phone when it’s on the Qi charger by my bed. Guess I can’t do that with the Pixel ? just picked it up and it was seriously hot to the touch… Also it didn’t charge very long so starting the day at 45% battery

Google is officially yet to acknowledge an overheating problem but the issue is currently restricted to certain units only. Tech2 checked for the issue on a unit of the Pixel 3 XL and there appears to be no issue of overheating of any manner with the unit.

As pointed out by Authority in a report, Google Pixel 2 has also had similar issues. A thread on Google’s Product forums also exists where users even until a week back have complained about an identical overheating problem.

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