Google wants to put more ads on your smartphone

has announced on its own blog that it will continue to expand mobile advertising and give advertising partners more options. This is especially true for core products such as YouTube and Google Search.

The advertising format naturally focuses on mobile devices. Smartphones, in particular, have become one of the most important areas for online advertising, since a large amount of content is now consumed via this handy companion. Here, advertisements in a gallery format, i.e. large pictures with captions to the corresponding product, have proven to be particularly successful and will be expanded further.

As already announced two months ago, Google partners will be able to place ads in its image search in the future. They can comment on photos of their own products and, for example, integrate product names and prices with the help of “floating labels” (small speech bubbles).

Shoppable Image Ads 782

In other areas, too, advertisers with large, colorful and thus above all eye-catching advertisements should be able to generate more access, as these will also be displayed on Android smartphones and tablets in the Discover area in future. However, Google wants to proceed cautiously here and use the ads sparingly so as not to frighten users.

google advertisement ideas 3

Last but not least, there will be more YouTube advertising. After Google has already experimented with two advertisements in recent weeks that are integrated before the video, it wants to integrate new formats into the video platform. Instead of video advertising or small banners during the video, in the future, there will also be ads with large images in the lists of search results and suggested videos to choose from.

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