Google’s auto-complete feature, Smart Compose, is now coming to Google Docs

Google's auto-complete feature, also known as Compose, is available on Gmail where it predicts what you would want to type, and all you have to do is hit Tab to complete the predicted sentence. Now it seems, Google wants to get it to one of its most popular products Google .

The announcement was made at this year's Google Cloud Next event in the UK. Smart Compose is a feature that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help in drafting emails faster by predicting what you will type. The Smart Compose will be available in a new beta mode for the web on Google Docs.

According to Google, “Smart Compose helps you compose high-quality content in Google Docs faster and more easily. It saves you time by cutting back on repetitive writing, helps reduce the chance of spelling and grammatical errors, and can suggest relevant contextual phrases.” Google claims that Smart Compose helped people save more than 2 billion characters each week.

The feature will be available for G Suite users first and not those having a regular Google account. It will only be available for English language as of now.

This feature works quite well when composing mails. For someone whose job involves a lot of writing (yes, we are referring to the journalism community) this could certainly save up on time. But too much reliance on Smart Compose while writing a story could lead to stale and repetitive use of phrase or sentences.

It is also a bit unnerving, to be honest. How long before Google's smart compose AI gets smart enough to help you write an entire story like this?

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