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After an impressive showing at CES 2018 in January, LG has brought the “world’s first” 8K 88-inch to Europe, debuting it at the IFA 2018 consumer electronics show in Berlin.

While it is more a tech demo unit rather than a consumer product at present, the 88-incher shows what is capable with OLED technology and how it can be utilised in future, when 8K content becomes more readily available.

The pixel resolution of 7680 x 4320 offers 33 million pixels in total and therefore four times more than Ultra HD (4K). And, as each pixel is significantly smaller than their UHD or Full HD counterparts, the biggest challenge is ensuring they can emit the same levels of brightness.

LCD 8K panels have backlights, so can therefore adapt brightness to suit, but LG claims to have created its own, in-house technologies to ensure 8K OLED pixels offer similar levels, even though they are self-illuminating.

The upside is that, while LCD panels have extra weight thanks to the backlighting units, the OLED equivalent is far lighter.

While 8K is in its infancy, with no content available to view in such a high resolution, LG claims that the 8K market will grow to more than five million units in consumer hands worldwide by 2022. And when the tech is out there, content providers will soon take notice.

We are at IFA 2018 to check out the LG 88-inch 8K OLED TV to give you our thoughts.

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