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might be the new kid on the block but it's coming of age.  There are local businesses who are using it in innovative ways.  Malaysian interdisciplinary artist and humanitarian, Poesy Liang, is one of them. She is a painter, sculptor, jewellery designer, music composer and author; you might have come across her Harry Putter Birthday Book. Harry Putter (pictured below) also appears as emojis on the Telegram app.

Liang has teamed up with local blockchain group LuxTag to record her art work for posterity. The collaboration with LuxTag developed into 2 projects.

The first one is called LuxTag Art Provenance Tracking and has the purpose of recording the provenance history of every piece of art. Any piece of art has a story behind it that defines the essence of the art work. The project provides proof of origin and authenticity for artists, galleries, collectors and customers, thereby enhancing the value of the artwork.

The second project will be an online shop, debuting with the inaugural series of “Fly Me To The Moon Harry Putter” artwork. The 120 authorised print editions sold, will be tagged with unique identifiers and will be purchased exclusively using XEM and Bitcoin.

“As a blockchain solution provider and start-up, we share both an interest for assets origins and stories, and a fresh and open mentality. I highly value the team's enthusiasm and commitment, led by its co-founder Rene Bernard,” stated Liang.

In a video interview, Liang tells ETV about how she was first introduced to blockchain and cryptocurrency and how this then led to her partnership with LuxTag. She also shares with us her work principles and her committment and efforts at supporting her humanitarian endeavours.

She also talks about some of the challenges she faced along the way.

“One of the challenges has been and will be designing such an elaborate solution and making it accessible to the users at the same time, so that they can see the deserved value in it,” said Liang. However, challenges never discouraged her or the LuxTag team. They continue to work together to overcome any challenges that come their way.

Expect to hear a lot more from this powerhouse as Liang assumes a leading role in promoting the use of technology – especially blockchain – among artists as a revolutionary asset for the art world.


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