Microsoft Bing Search QR Code Generator

If you search for [qr code] on Microsoft Bing Search you get a built in QR code generator tool. It is not a huge deal but it is something I had no idea Bing offered and it is something that Google Search does not offer.

Here is how it works, search for QR code in Bing and Bing gives you a box to paste a URL into. When you paste the URL into Bing, it changes the QR code to be a link to that URL. You can then save that QR code image to your computer and print it or email it to people to scan with their devices. When they scan the QR code with their photo app or search app, it will take them to the URL.

Here is a GIF of it in action:

Oh, that default QR code, before you enter in a URL, it is the QR code that takes you to

Finally, you can directly access the Bing QR widget at if you want to but searching for QR code is easier.

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