Microsoft previews Edge Developer Tools for Visual Studio

Looking to make web developers more productive, Microsoft has begun integrating its Edge Developer Tools into .

A preview of the Microsoft Edge Developer Tools for extension can be downloaded from the Visual Marketplace. This extension, announced March 7, allows developers to preview ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core projects within the IDE. In addition to web app previews, Microsoft has enabled the Elements tool and the Network tool.

Developers can use the Elements tool to debug and edit HTML and CSS. CSS flexbox and CSS grid capabilities are supported. With the Network tool, developers can inspect network activity and simulate different network conditions. The preview does not yet support projects built with the Blazor tool for developing client web apps in C#, but that support is expected soon.

Microsoft Edge Developer Tools for requires newly released Visual Studio 2022 17.1 or later. Visual Studio can be downloaded from the Visual Studio website. Microsoft is seeking feedback on the preview, which can be offered inside of Visual Studio.

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