Microsoft Launches Import Tool For Google Ads Performance Max

Microsoft Advertising is rolling out a solution within its Google that allows advertisers to duplicate their Google Max campaigns.

Microsoft is launching the import capability for Performance Max campaigns that use a Merchant Center. Microsoft will import the campaigns as Smart Shopping Campaigns and Local Inventory Ads.

Microsoft is working on a solution for importing other Performance Max campaigns that do not utilize a Merchant Center, with a priority on Search campaigns.

Here's more information about the import tool, how import mapping works, and how to set it up.

Microsoft Advertising Performance Max Import Mapping

Google Ads Performance Max to Microsoft Smart Shopping Campaigns works like this:

  • Campaign: Campaign settings will be imported as-is from Performance Max campaigns to Smart Shopping Campaigns.
  • Ad group name: Asset group names will be mapped to ad group names; however, text and image assets won't be imported.
  • Product group: Listing groups from Performance Max campaigns will be mapped as-is to the product groups in Smart Shopping Campaigns/Local Inventory Ad campaigns.
  • Product ads: Product ads will be autogenerated, consistent with today's experience.​

Microsoft doesn't support the import of Maximize conversions bid strategy for Shopping Campaigns.

Microsoft Advertising Performance Max Import Checklist

To ensure the smoothest experience importing Google Ads Performance Max campaigns as Microsoft Advertising Shopping campaigns.

Microsoft recommends using the following checklist:

  • Complete setting up a Merchant Center store within Microsoft.
  • Set a realistic target return on ad spend (ROAS) goal.
  • Make sure that Universal Event Tracking (UET)and conversion tracking are accurately set up.
  • If targeting multiple countries, ensure there's a feed for each market used by the campaigns (country/region of sale setting).
  • Activate any paused campaigns that were intentionally imported.
  • Check feed rejections and promptly remedy formatting issues with the feed and product rejections.

See Microsoft's full blog post for more details about the import process.

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