Microsoft Teams updates meeting room experience

has revealed that it will be updating the meeting roster to have the same feel and user experience that's in line with the experience presently being enjoyed by users on the Teams desktop application. With this move, Microsoft Teams will not only allow users to sort meeting roster by raised hand, but they can also group participants for meetings, carry out a search for an integrated user, and also allow other users to join meetings from either a chat or an invite.

Furthermore, Microsoft has announced that it will make the roster position on the console just like that same one on the Teams desktop application. But in the process, it will be adding a touch-friendly interface to ease participant options. All users will also enjoy the benefit of a unified universal bar that will allow hosts and even attendees to have full call controls during Teams meetings, large meetings support, and Live events (for hosts only).

Another notable part of this Microsoft Teams meeting update is that it comes with chat bubbles, and live reactions for participants of a meeting and then lock support for meeting organizers. In the official statement by the tech giant, the firm says that it hopes the update will help create a somewhat immersive feel for hybrid meetings, as it has added a major upgrading feature to the front-of-room display experience. This feature according to Microsoft, will make Team meetings a bit more dynamic.

Microsoft has insisted that the Teams Rooms will be available on Windows only. And so far, only Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 84578, 85810, 85811, 85813, 85814, 85815, 85817, 85819, 85820, 85821, and 85822 have been linked with the update.

The rollout is expected to start towards the end of September and will last till around mid-October.

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