Your Microsoft Teams Meetings Will Get More Dynamic Soon

After the COVID-19 pandemic, has been doubling-down on its Teams service and getting great results. Now the software giant is making it even better with Dynamic View, an AI-driven manager that can enhance your .

What Is Dynamic View in Microsoft Teams?

The news on Dynamic View broke over on Windows Latest after Microsoft gave them a statement.

Recently, Microsoft implemented a feature called Together Mode. This feature used AI to intelligently place people’s video feeds within a digital room or world. This gave attendees the feeling of meeting in a physical location instead of being cooped up indoors.

However, Microsoft wants to take its new meeting-based AI to a new level. Now, instead of putting people in a digital room, the AI can help drive the meeting and show attendees what needs to be shown at a given time.

To do this, Dynamic View will allow attendees and hosts to share images and presentations through Teams. The AI will then begin to shuffle around each screen element to represent best what’s happening in the meeting.

For example, silent attendees may be represented with an avatar bubble or may be hidden away from the screen altogether. Meanwhile, the host and co-hosts will be given the spotlight to present their information and draw attention to specific pieces of shared media.

Making Online Meetings Smarter

Microsoft’s push for AI-driven meetings may seem odd and unnecessary, but the company needs to continue enhancing Teams to stay ahead of the game. Simply proving a service where people can video call one another isn’t enough, as competitors are slowly adding new features to win people over to their side.

For example, Zoom now has a digital marketplace for online events to help businesses weather the COVID-19 storm. If Microsoft sits idly by and allows Zoom to build itself up, people will have zero reasons to use Teams.

As such, it’s unlikely that this is the last we’ll see of Microsoft’s efforts to enhance meetings using AI. For now, however, you can look forward to the release of Dynamic View in March 2021.

Your New Teammate: Microsoft Team’s AI

With the world moving to a remote work model, Microsoft is doing all that it can to keep itself afloat and above its rivals. Its new feature, Dynamic View, will hopefully make online business easier to perform and simpler to understand.

If you haven’t been keeping tabs on Microsoft’s announcements for Teams, there’s a lot for you to catch up on. For example, the software giant will soon implement Outlook emails directly into Teams for quicker discussions.

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