Microsoft Unveils Foldable Surface Duo With a 360 Degree Hinge

This year’s event was full of surprises. The most unexpected device announced was the Microsoft Surface Duo, which has been rumored for a while now, but nobody expected it to be a dual-screen folding smartphone.

Featuring Surface Neo-like design elements in a smaller form factor, this Android device will come with two 5.6-inch displays with massive bezels, allowing it to be fully unfolded into a miniature 8.3-inch tablet since the display hinges will allow 360 degrees rotation. Both displays will have the ability to run different applications at the same time.


Unlike the trending smartphones, this phone will feature two separate displays with an unwanted gap in between. Based on the promo showcased at the event, users will be able to stretch a single application across the two displays but due to the gap, it will look disjointed.

But the second display is meant to be used for typing and gaming controls.

The phone features a concept similar to what we saw in ROG phone’s Twin Dock and the LG Dual Screen case.

According to Microsoft, the phone will not be ready until the holiday season next year, which will supposedly give developers the time to develop applications compatible with the device. However, by the time Microsoft has its Surface Duo on sale, the world will have moved on to the second-generation of foldable smartphones. Can Microsoft keep up enough to invest in the Duo with the market moving on so fast?

Stay tuned for more information.

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