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Olloclip’s Multi-Device clip lets you use the company’s iPhone X camera on just about any .

Since 2011 Olloclip has made lens attachments for phones. They have, for the most part, been designed for a single phone. And in recent years all have been for iPhones.

The Olloclip Multi-Device Clip changes all that. It lets you use any of the for the iPhone X Connect X system on almost any phone. It just needs to be under 12mm thickness, including any attached case.

You won’t want to keep it there 24/7, as it looks like someone has clamped a clothes peg onto your phone. However, thanks to the wide array of available lenses, you can significantly upgrade what you phone’s camera can do.

In the Connect X lens system you’ll find 120 and 155-degree wide lenses, a 2x zoom, 7/14/21x macro lenses and a fisheye.

Olloclip introduced the Connect X system in May 2018, originally for iPhone X only.

You’ll be able to buy the Multi-Device Clip from Olloclip’s website in mid-September. It costs £59.99 with a lens. Olloclip says additional Connect X lenses start at £44.99. We couldn’t find standalone lenses at, the Store or Amazon, though, so let’s hope that’s fixed by the time the Clip launches.

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