Reddit built-in integration with GIPHY in comments section

and announced a new partnership on Wednesday that brings built-in search for to the social network’s comments section. Starting today, Reddit users will be able to use GIPHY to add GIFs to their comments on supported subreddits.

As detailed by GIPHY in a blog post, the new partnership will make it much easier for users to share GIFs on the social network. Previously, GIFs in Reddit comments were only available via Powerups – which is a feature restricted to a limited number of users. Now everyone will be able to take advantage of GIFs.

However, not every subreddit will let Reddit users share GIFs using GIPHY integration. The new functionality is an opt-in feature for SFW (safe for work) and non-quarantined subreddits. This means that moderators will be able to decide whether or not users can use GIFs. New subreddits created from now on will come with GIPHY integration enabled by default.

GIPHY expects that the new partnership with Reddit “empowers users” as they can now have more dynamic and personal conversations on the platform.

Simply put, GIFs in Comments empowers users to have richer and more dynamic conversations through visual media. It brings an added layer of personal expression to Reddit comments, and a more seamless, on-platform experience for those users who’ve historically posted links of GIFs (requiring a click out).

The new GIPHY integration is now being rolled out to Reddit users on the web and in the mobile app.

More recently, Reddit also announced new limited-edition blockchain-backed avatars that are now for purchase through the Reddit Avatar Builder, as well as improvements to its own search engine. These features are now also available to all Reddit users.

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