Uber to Launch In-App eSIM Purchases with Free Data

Ridie-hailing app is gearing up to introduce in-app directly through its platform, coupled with enticing offers of free promotional data.

Insights gleaned from the code of the Uber app for version 4.502.1 strongly suggest that this feature is on the horizon, promising a seamless experience for users.

Android Code Reveals Upcoming Uber App Feature

Android Authority reports that the uncovered code reveals that Uber users may soon have the ability to purchase and activate eSIM plans within the app, eliminating the need for separate transactions. What sets this potential offering apart is the additional perk of free mobile data – a strategic move to facilitate the eSIM purchase process.

Travelers using the Uber app may find themselves with 100MB of complimentary data upon reaching their destination, offering a practical solution for those who forget to secure a SIM card before embarking on their journeys.

The prospect of purchasing eSIMs directly through the Uber app holds particular appeal for existing users who rely on the platform for their travel needs.

This streamlined approach aligns with Uber's commitment to enhancing user experience beyond ride-sharing services. While the code hints at data benefits, it remains unclear whether these eSIMs will support voice calls, adding an element of anticipation for potential users.

An APK teardown, a method to predict features based on code analysis, suggests that version 4.502.1 of the Uber app for Android is laying the groundwork for this innovative feature. However, as with any predictive technology, it is crucial to note that these features might change a public release.

Coming Soon

As of now, Uber has not officially rolled out the capability to purchase eSIMs within its app. This development, however, aligns with Uber's broader strategy to stay at the forefront of technological advancements in the travel and connectivity space.

This move comes on the heels of Uber's recent adoption of Valid's mioSIM eSIM technology in June, marking a significant step in their quest to deploy the UberSIM technology solution.

Valid's eSIM technology, compliant with GSMA specifications, integrates seamlessly with ConnectedYou's connectivity orchestration platform. This integration empowers Uber with multi-carrier connectivity management across all mobile operators within the UberSIM ecosystem.

Rahul Vijay at Uber emphasized the need for a streamlined business model to manage remote updates and streamline global device connectivity. Valid's solution, in this regard, enables Uber to handle a single global UberSIM SKU, simplifying operations across the 70+ countries where Uber operates.

Salvador Cabrera, COO of Valid Mobile at Valid, expressed satisfaction in working with Uber, highlighting Valid's eSIM customer-centric strategy aimed at supporting customers in their digital journey during eSIM implementation.

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