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The UK is leading in the growth of education technology or ‘edtech’ in Europe, with more startups delivering a range of platforms and services to digitise education.

Recent figures show the UK is first in Europe for venture capital and angel investing, accounting for 34 percent of total investment in the sector.

This is partly due to the increasing demand for tech in the classroom, with schools across the UK spending close to £900 million on edtech each year to leverage learning, according to the Guardian.

As a result, 1,200 edtech companies – a quarter of Europe’s total – are based in the UK, and the sector is growing 22 percent year on year, says bi-monthly magazine Education Technology.

Ian Fordham, the former Edtech UK CEO, sees a booming ecosystem. “It’s an incredibly busy and diverse space. Most people just see apps for schools but our definition of edtech incorporates the whole diverse range of education,” he tells Techworld.

By 2020, the global market for edtech is expected to be worth a staggering £129 billion.

London in particular is a hotbed of edtech innovation, with one in five UK edtech companies located in the capital.

Here are some of the most innovative UK edtech startups.

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