YouTube Adds New Multi-language Audio Description Options

YouTube has announced the launch of a new option to utilize multi-language audio to add audio descriptive tracks in your videos, providing another way to expand audience engagement in the app.

Audio description is an additional narration track which describes what's happening in a clip, helping those with visual impairments to engage with the content. And now, within the “Subtitles” section of your video upload, you'll be able to include audio descriptive tracks as an option for your videos.

That could help to expand your audience reach, and make your content more accessible, while users will also be able to search for audio descriptions, and update their setting preferences to play audio description tracks by default.

It's a good update, which will help to ensure that more people can experience YouTube in full, by providing more ways for people to tune in to each clip. It could also help to expand your discoverability, by ensuring that users who do use this as a search preference are also shown your clips.

On another front, YouTube's also rolling out a new feature on the Channel page for US-based creators.

YouTube audio narration

As you can see in this example, now, creators will be able to add their pronouns to their main profile display, providing another means of expression and ownership in the app.

YouTube says that the new pronouns option will be available to all users in the U.S., in English only, and will be an opt-in feature. Creators will also be able to choose whether their pronouns are displayed publicly, to only to their subscribers in the app.

Both features provide more connective capacity, and improved discoverability in-stream. And by enabling more people to engage, in different ways, that'll help YouTube, and its creators, to maximize their opportunities in the app.

You can learn more about YouTube's latest updates here.

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