YouTube TV Now Lets You Build a Sports Multiview

TV has tons of channels and plenty to offer, and that's especially true with for sports fans. Being able to stream four different games simultaneously is a big deal. To make that experience better, Google will now let YouTube TV subscribers customize and build their own Multiview.

When YouTube TV's Multiview first arrived during March Madness last year, fans everywhere loved it. However, you could only watch the four games YouTube curated, and not the games you specifically wanted. Thankfully, after Reddit users noticed a new “Build a Multiview” option during NBA games a few weeks ago, we can confirm that YouTube TV is rolling out the feature for everyone.

Now, starting with the NBA League Pass and NCAA Basketball, you can “build your own combos” and put four games on your screen at once from YouTube's list of pre-selected games.

As long as at least four supported live sports events are going on, you can open a live game, click the “Watch in Multiview” button, and build your own 4-pack. For example, in the image above, YouTube TV is simultaneously streaming basketball games from TBS, truTV, CBS, and TNT. You'll never have to miss a slam dunk, wicked crossover, or a touchdown pass when the NFL returns.

However, we're still limited by the games or content Google allows in the Multiview channel selector, meaning it's not truly a build-your-own system. You can't select any channel on YouTube TV and combine them. However, late last year, we noticed YouTube TV allowing the option to mix NFL games with other sports, including the occasional non-sports channel being included.

Either way, while we can't just pick any channel and stream four things we want, it looks like the options are expanding, as is the ability for subscribers to slightly tailor the experience of the games they'd rather watch. Plus, there's a good chance that Google will slowly improve and refine the system, eventually giving users more options from the “pre-selected” list of sports and content available for Multiview. Someday, I hope those lists will allow any game currently airing by any sports league. We'll have to wait and see.

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