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Mark Zuckerberg along with his friends while studying at the Harvard University came up with the idea of creating a website through which students can communicate with each other easily. After that, they increased the limitation to some other nearby universities and finally in 2006 launched the website named Facebook on the World Wide Web. The prerequisites for opening an account was just a valid Email address and over 13 years of age.

A number of successful changes have been made to the website which has made the website more attractive, easy to use and operate along with being secure. But what was the reason behind the astonishing victory of this social networking website over its peers is the real question. So let us study the disparate reasons behind the popularity of this website in detail.

Why is Facebook so popular ?

1. User Friendly Nature

Facebook is the easiest to use website and even a small 14-year-old can easily understand all the features that are included on the website. One can text, comment, like posts of others by just a click of the mouse. So this is the most prominent reason for the website gaining worldwide popularity.

2. Better Interface

The build and look of the website are also very attractive which gives the user a more superior interface to work on. One can easily find his/her friends, follow celebrities, message, and chat or with the new feature even call a friend. All these power packed features which are fitted in such a light website makes it more advantageous than its competitors.

3. Source of Information

Apart from being a networking website which joins people, it is also an immense source of information through which the users can read news and posts about all the incidents that are happening all over the world. They can also present their opinion about a topic and initiate a discussion with others on a topic. Therefore, it serves multiple purposes

4. Entertainment

The website now allows the people to play games, use interesting applications and watch videos making it an entertainment provider. Other than this one can join a group and start a chat with strangers and make new friends. So it acts as a boredom killer.

5. Find Old Friends

Also, one of the major reason behind the acceptance of the website is that with the network of the website growing huge we can contact our old friends of school and college and chat with them. We just have to know the name of the concerned person and with the Facebook search engine, we can easily find him/her.

6. Sharing Options:

Facebook gives its users numerous options to share such as photos, videos, status, feeling, location, etc. Therefore, so many options culminated into one single web page gives people an easy way of sharing information alike other social websites.

7. No Competition

Since the time Facebook was launched it has not faced any sort of competition in the market. A few number of such sites have been initiated but none has been able to mark a place in the network world. Therefore, people are left with only a few options of which Facebook is the best for sure

8. Regular Upgradation

Since its launch new and new features have been incorporated into the website for making it more helpful to the people which have helped the website to receive praise and accolades from its users.

9. No Adult Content

Any type of posting of nude or pornographic images has been banned by the website which would result in immediate banning of the account. Moreover, a serious criminal action can also be taken on the specific person. Such undertakings aids parents and other family members to not having to keep a check on the usage of the website by their kids or child.

10. Top notch Security

The Email and password through which we open our accounts are secured through a very high level of safety levels so it becomes nearly impossible for the hackers to open an account not owned by them. Apart from this, a notification message is also sent if someone tries to open the account from another location than the used one. So users know that their data is safe and secured.

All these features have helped Facebook to reach each and every individual in this world. A number of changes have also been made on the website from the year it was launched like the introduction of Like button, sharing of images and videos, News Feed, Timeline and Trending Topics with a much more beautified and handsome versions which have led the website to become the most commercial networking platform with over 900 million users around the globe.

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