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you're putting together a Keynote for your business, for school,
or for personal useyou
want that presentation to look good. The more eye-catching and professional
your presentation is, the better impression you'll make.

best way to create an attractive, professional Keynote slide deck is by using a
professionally designed Keynote template or theme. Using a template will save
you time. You can simply enter your information, diagrams, and photos and
you're ready to go.

this article, we'll explore both premium and paid Keynote themes. I'll share
some examples of each. Finally, I'll share more resources to help you make the
best possible Keynote presentation.

Choose a Premium Keynote Template?

Keynote you choose are important because how your presentation looks
affects the impression you'll make. The better the Keynote design of your
presentation, the more engaged your audience will be.

you're not a graphic designer, it might take you forever to create an attractive
Keynote template from scratch. Or, you might find yourself hiring a graphic
designer to create one for you.

you may be considering getting Keynote templates free, if you want a
professionally-designed Keynote template investing in a premium Keynote
template is a much better bargain. Consider the following benefits of a
professionally-designed template:

  • eye-catching
    design created by a professional
  • technical
    support to answer questions
  • greater
    number of slide options
  • updates
    to the template design

a lot of people use the free Keynote templates they find online. So, you risk
having your presentation look just like every else's when you rely on free
Keynote templates. If you really want your Keynote slideshow to stand out, a
premium template can do that for you. You can find some great premium templates on
Envato Elements or GraphicRiver.

Here's just some of the great themes you'll find:

  • Keynote

    17+ Mac Keynote Themes: Made To Customize Quickly (2017)

    Sean Hodge

you're serious about making a good impression for your business, Envato
Elements is your best bet. Read on to find out why.

Best Keynote Templates on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

you do presentations often, or if you use other branded design elements for
your business such as WordPress themes (and more), you can get unlimited access
to hundreds of the best Keynote themes for
one low price.

Envato Elements
You can find hundreds of great Keynote presentation templates on Envato Elements.

Keynote templates we feature here are designed specifically for
business owners. If you need to make a
good impression for your business, we've got a Keynote template that you can
customize quickly. Just add your business ideas, insert your data, and showcase
your company's solution to make the slideshow you need to make a sale or win
over an investor.

ready-to-use templates have creative and original designs to choose from.
You'll find slide designs for nearly every business need, including:

  • business
  • product
  • sales
  • infographics
  • company

add your own information to one of these templates and you're ready to give
your presentation!

Keynote Templates (Elements)

are a handful of our best and most popular Keynote themes templates are from
Envato Elements:

1. BePro Keynote Business Template

BePro Keynote Business Template

beautiful Keynote presentation is extremely functional and comes from a
seasoned design professional. It's filled with design elements such as an
infographic, charts, maps, mobile device mockups, and more. No matter what your
business, there's something here for you. Choose from over 100 different slide
designs. You won't want to miss this clean and modern Keynote theme.

2. Pitch Deck Start Up – Keynote

Pitch Deck Start Up Keynote

a versatile Keynote pitch desk template with a modern design that'll work for
nearly any business need. You'll find everything you need from slides for
marketing promotions to slides for presenting the company history, and more.
There are 146 slides per color and total of four premade color options. You can
easily edit the slides to add your own text and drag and drop your images onto
the image placeholders.

3. Brilliant Ideas Keynote Template

Brilliant Ideas Keynote Template

love this professional-looking Keynote template that contains slides for two
different aspect rations, standard (4:3) and widescreen (16:9). You'll find a
set of coordinated charts, diagrams, tables, and other elements to give your
Keynote presentation a polished and professional look. This easy-to-use
template is great for creatives and other professionals who want to use their
presentation to make a statement.

4. Hexon Keynote Template

Hexon Keynote Template

With five different color variations, this
unique Keynote template is great for business or personal use. Also, you'll get
free life time updates. You can easily edit this design from within Keynote.
Here's some other features that this template includes:

  •  Based
    on master slides
  • Includes
    smartphone, tablet, and laptop mockups
  • 50
    different slide designs
  • Handcrafted
  • And

5. SIMPLECO: Keynote Presentation Template

SIMPLECO Keynote Presentation Template

you looking for an easy-to-use modern presentation that really stands out? Look
no further than this colorful Keynote presentation template. It features 93
unique slides. You can choose from two different color themes and two different
aspect rations (4:3 and 16:9). Plus, the template includes animation, which is
a real bonus if you want to be sure of capturing your audience's full

Premium Templates to Download Now From Graphic River

also have a ton of professional business Keynote templates available on GraphicRiver for individual sale.
These designs are all designed to give your presentation the best professional
look. You download one and use it right away.

Best 2018 Keynote templates, available for sale on GraphicRiver.

are five unique Keynote templates ready for you to make your own:

1. Verzus Minimal Keynote Template

Verzuz Minimal Keynote Template

you looking for a powerful and versatile minimal Keynote template? Verzus
Minimal Keynote template offers plenty of flexibility and tons of unique design
layouts. There are literally hundreds of different slides to choose from. No
wonder customers love this template! Here's just some of what they have to say:

“The best minimal template I've ever seen in my life!

selection of clean and crisp templates to allow me to focus first on the

was very impressed with the slides – they helped me immensely when I was
creating presentations for my team. They were easy to modify, and very tasteful
and classy.”

2. Motagua
– Multipurpose Keynote Template

Motagua - Multipurpose Keynote Template

Motagua Multipurpose Keynote Template is super easy to use. It's drag-and-drop
ready to make it easy for you to add your pictures, logo, or other
illustration. Plus, each template design is fully editable. It comes with fast,
free technical support. Create your presentation using the hundreds of unique
professionally-designed slides. There are also 16 different color themes. Don't
miss this one if you need to make a professional presentation fast.

3. Earth Keynote Theme

Earth Keynote Theme

a template based on free fonts with tons of original infographics. It includes
an Elements pack with over 500 vector icons. Plus, the transitions are animated
to help you capture and hold your audience's attention. This attractive Keynote
theme comes with many popular slide designs, including:

  • Horizontal
    and vertical timelines
  • Charts
    and infographics
  • Device
    and browser mockups
  • World
  • And

4. 10 in 1 – Pitch Keynote Bundle

10 in 1 Pitch Keynote Bundle

it comes to value, you can't beat this 10 in 1 Keynote bundle. When you
download it you'll find not one, not two—but
ten different templates. Any one of these unique professional templates can be
used to create a top-notch professional presentation for business or personal
use. There's a slide design for just about anything you can think of.
Everything is easy to use and quick to customize. Don't overlook this one!

5. KASPIAN Keynote Presentation

KASPIAN Keynote Presentation

KASPIAN Keynote Presentation template was created by design professionals to
give you a multitude of attractive options for creating a presentation that's
sure to wow your listeners. It includes many popular slide designs such as
device mockups for a laptop, monitor, phone, and more. The slides are fully
animated to help you engage your audience. And it comes with documentation.

Slide Templates for Keynote

paid Keynote templates usually offer the most in terms of options, support, and
more, sometimes purchasing a premium template just isn't in your budget. Maybe
you're a student working your way through college and you've got a presentation
due. Or, maybe you own a startup and you're strapped for cash. Either way,
you've decided to download a Keynote template for free.

If that's the case, we've found some free Keynote templates
that you could download. Sources for the best free Keynote templates downloads
on this list include:

Note: The free Keynote
templates linked to here are hosted by their respective sites. Their
availability depends on the hosting site. Also, some of these free templates
have special terms. For example, they may only be available for non-commercial
use. Read the terms of use carefully before you download a template.

If you've decided to get Keynote templates free, here's a list for you to explore:

1. Engineering
Keynote Theme
. This is a modern, almost futuristic, abstract
design that showcases a high-tech look. The predominate color for this design
is blue.

2. Cutpaper.
If you've ever made patterns using construction paper, you'll relate to this
original free Keynote presentation. The color theme includes orange and yellow
for a fall look.

3. Green Energy

Green Energy

The free Green Energy Keynote template includes a cover page and more slides for the body of your presentation. As the name suggests, the main color
of this template is green.

4. Paint
Drip Keynote Theme
. If you can imagine that the top half of a
wall is painted and the paint is dripping down onto the unpainted half you've
got a good idea of what this template looks like.

5. Metro. Here's a
subway-themed free Keynote template that includes a cover slide design and
multiple body slide templates. This presentation template has a modern look and

6. Pink
Purple Celestial Swoosh Keynote Theme
. This unusual design can
be used as a Keynote background for nearly any presentation. It has a modern,
abstract feel to it.

7. Green Chalkboard.
This is another free Keynote template for the educators out there. This
presentation slide design looks like an old-fashioned green chalkboard with
white chalk writing on it.

8. Epic
Circle Keynote Template

Epic Circle Keynote Template

free Keynote presentation template features an abstract circular design on a
dark background. Make sure the text you add to this screen is white so that it
can read.

9. Brain. The focal point
of this presentation design is the silhouette of a head with a visible brain
illustration inside. The cover and body slides could be used for any type of
slideshow that features ideas or innovation.

Web 2.0.
Here's a simple, but attractive slide design. This free Keynote template design
features a light blue background with a grey text box. This works for many
different types of classes.

Curve Keynote Template
. This
is a colorful and modern free Keynote presentation. The abstract design is made
up of what shapes against a bright orange background.

Marketing Plan.
This not just for marketing professionals. This Marketing Plan free Keynote
presentation template has a slide design for the title of your presentation as
well as some body slides.

Here's another Keynote presentation design that keeps it simple. Your students
will enjoy the dark blue title box against the light blue background.

Chevron Keynote Theme

Blue Chevron Keynote Theme

wave pattern on the free Blue Chevron Keynote Theme is almost hypnotic. This
modern Keynote design is definitely eye-catching.

Gallery. Showcase
your photos and other images using the free Gallery keynote theme. This theme
was designed with plenty of picture placeholders to hold your illustrations.

Color blocking works for slide presentations too as illustrated by this
presentation template with different-sized rectangles on it. Use the rectangles
for images or try them with solid color.

Keynote Theme From the Earth to the Moon
. This unique Keynote
theme is out of this world—literally.
It features a photograph of both the moon and the surface of the earth.

More About Using Keynote

got templates and other resources to help you learn more about using Keynote.
Here's just a few resources to help:

Learn More About Presentations

that you know where to find Keynote presentation template downloads,
and premium, you're on your way to creating an eye-catching slideshow
that will set your presentation apart. Plus, don't forget that you can
use the right
template to help strengthen your organization's brand.

If you can afford it, you should consider using one of the professional Keynote templates available from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver to give your presentation an extra edge.

Otherwise, you can download one of the many Keynote templates for free. Just keep in mind that everyone has access to those free templates, so your presentation may not come across as unique.

way to improve your presentation is to learn more about how to make a good
presentation. To do that, you can grab our new eBook: The Complete Guide to Making Great Presentations. It's available to download for
Free with a subscription to the Tuts+ Business Newsletter. 

complete guide to presentations

eBook will help walk you through the complete presentation process. Learn
how to write your presentation, design it like a pro, and prepare it to present

the Right Keynote Templates to Give a Powerful Presentation

just explored some of the best premium and free Keynote templates and
themes. No matter what type of
presentation you're creating, the right template will save you time and help
your presentation to look more professional. Good luck on your next presentation!

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