5 Monitor Issues That Are Simply Annoying

Monitors are one the most important parts of the entire computer system as anything you do on the computer is visible via the screen. From work to gameplay to social media, everything is possible only when you can see the output on the screen.

Most of the time, you won’t find any issues with the monitor or its performance. Things may go wrong sometimes without any prior warning, and the monitor starts to malfunction. Problems like a blurry screen or black screen can make your work miserable.

A few easy workaround methods can help you fix any monitor-related issues almost instantly, and you do not need any technical expertise to execute them.

Blank or Black Screen

If you boot your computer, but the monitor shows a black screen, then there might be an issue with cables. Check that all the connections are firm, and if not, fix them to turn the monitor on.

Also, check the power plug and make sure that the power light is blinking, which indicates that there is no issue with the power supply.

It can be an app or internet connectivity issues that are displaying blank screens constantly. For example, if you are on a MacBook, check if the Safari browser is running perfectly.

Visit https://setapp.com/how-to/safari-cant-establish-secure-connection to get an idea about how you can also establish a secure connection for the internet browser and eliminate the potential root of the problem.

Alternatively, restart your computer and then check if it starts normally. If not, there must be some sort of internal damage to the cables. Make sure to buy a new one and if that doesn’t solve your problem, contact your computer technician.

Repeated Shutdowns

Repeated Shutdowns

If your computer is shutting down abruptly every few hours, there might be some hardware or software issues. Check the cables and make sure to unplug and plug the video cable connected to the CPU. Your screen might be at fault, and if everything is fine with the cables, you might need to replace the monitor.

Before you plan to make any new investment, start your computer in Safe Mode and check if the functionality resumes. Tweak the display settings, control the apps running in the background, and boot your computer again.

Bizarre Lines on Screen

If your monitor shows weird vertical lines all over the screen, again, the connections must be at fault. In most cases, just giggling the cord can solve the problem. If that doesn’t work, then change your cables and boot the system again. In the worst case, there might be a possibility of a system breakdown.

If you are not able to see anything on the monitor, there’s not much you can do to resolve the problem. It’s better to check if you need to replace the monitor. You must contact the technician for professional help.

Continuously Flickering Screen

If you notice your monitor screen is flashing or flickering a lot, there might be an issue with the cable or the refresh rate settings of the screen. Plug the cables firmly into the power outlet to check if that solves your problem. This may or may not fix the problem, and you need to look around for another solution.

If cables are working fine, then check the refresh rate setting of your monitor. Refresh rate tells the number of times the computer sends an image to the monitor per second. Adjust the refresh rate of the screen by going to the display settings. Make sure to update the video drivers as well. This might solve the flickering screen issue.

Pixelated Screen

Most of the time, the pixelated screen displays only one color. You experience either getting stuck to red, blue, or green color. If the display is dead, it will not show you any color, and you will not see anything other than a black screen. You cannot do much to fix the dead screen rather than buy a new monitor.

To solve the stuck pixel issue, you can try massaging technique on the screen. Take a damp cloth and apply pressure onto the stuck pixel spot. Then turn off your monitor and switch it on again by not releasing the pressure over that spot. Also, clean your monitor screen regularly as it might help.

What If You Face Laptop Screen Issues?

What If You Face Laptop Screen Issues

While in the case of a laptop, it might be possible that the battery is low, so try to connect it with a charger and then try to boot it after some time. If this doesn’t solve the problem, then the issue might be the battery itself. Try to change the cord of the charging cable and then boot your laptop.

If it still fails to start, you might need to replace the battery. Buy a new battery for your laptop and then boot it. If still, that doesn’t start the laptop, then press the switch on the button for five seconds. If it restarts, you are good to go.

If the hardware is not at fault, check if there is any redundant software app installed on the computer that’s preventing the smooth boot process.

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