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Are you an investor looking for a way to built new online business quickly and effectively? Are you an IT expert / web developer / web designer or webmaster and looking for a way to make quick money online? Are you looking for a potential buyers to sell your website or established online business at best price?

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Number of digital buyers in the world (people who buy goods or services online) are rapidly growing and expected to reach over 2.14 billions by 2021, much higher as compare to 1.66 billions in 2016.

What does it mean?

It means, the demand of digital products and services are going to increase rapidly and you can make big money out of it. Buy how? Well, there are many options but the best and easy way for investors is to buy established online business. Reason is; creation of a new website is a time consuming process and includes several web design, development and technology brainstorming. An ideal solution for businesses and individuals looking to quickly establish themselves online is a marketplaces sells and buy established websites, domains and online businesses. Such website marketplaces comes with several established businesses in almost every industry niche that can be immediately and effectively used to launch businesses.

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Established website sellers on the other hand are IT professionals and businesses from across the globe. With the demand for good working websites soaring high, these sellers can expect a good price on their website. Before we enlist the popular websites to buy or sell your websites online, let me share important things you should remember before buying or selling any website online.

Things to remember before buying or selling websites

1. Commission of marketplace:

Websites that are sold aim to transfer the business and brand to a different entrepreneur. The buyer on the other hand uses it to improve performance and increase revenues. Integrated into all of this is an element of commission. Whether you are on the buying or selling end, make sure your part of the commissions/revenues is agreeable and transparent.

2. Support after buy or sell of website:

A website is the best understood by the people who has initiated them. After sales support is a vital element of the exchange agreement. Kindly consider the after sales and website migration support before you make buying or selling decision. If they does not offer post sales support and you are keen on buying their online established business, you can always find a subscription based unlimited graphic design service providers who can help you to manage your day-to-day website design activities.

3. Analyze historic traffic & revenue:

A businessman knows where to invest his money. Statistics related to traffic history and revenues can help make a wise decision. You can also use third party tools like SEMRush, Alexa etc to understand the current status of the website. You can also do the SEO audit of the website to understand whether the website is not affected by Google penalties in past.

4. Set a reasonable price to sell:

A website is the face of the business apart from being a tool of revenue generation. Never underestimate the value of a working website, howsoever irregular be the updates or erratic the revenue generation. Research well before setting the selling price. At the same time, you also need to understand the potential of business before you make any buying offers.

5. Transparent details:

Apart from the transparency in pricing, commission and support, buyers need to ensure that the website hasn’t been penalized by Google in any way. You should also check the backlinks of website to make sure that the links are natural and does not violating Google webmaster guidelines.

Popular Online Marketplaces to Buy and Sell Websites

#1 Flippa

flippa marketplaceEstablished back in 2005, Flippa has been able to establish itself as one of the leading global marketplaces for buying and selling of websites, apps and domains. The inventory of websites suits a variety of industries, with new websites being added to the catalogue almost every day. Flippa has been identified in the Forbes to sell businesses/websites worth more than $2 million every month. Investors in the company include 99designs, Hitwise and SitePoint. They provides various features that protects you money and can also keep your data hidden from the public auction. Here you can list your established website or online business along with meaning for data that can help potential buyers to learn about revenue and statistics.

You can also chat with the potential customers and can answer their query directly from the listing.

#2 eBay

A company that needs no introduction, eBay is one of the leading buying and selling platforms globally. While it is more popular for retail transactions, eBay is also growing to be a popular marketplace for selling web designs, templates, websites, apps and even domains. eBay also distinguishes itself to being a cross platform service, used by several businesses and individuals globally.

#3 FreeMarket

freemarketFree Market allows sellers to post their websites up for sell at “zero price” and earns a 5% commission on every sale. Free Market also has a lot of potential buyers and could be your powerhouse to success. Free Market is also popular as one of the cheapest marketplaces in terms of commissions.

#4 FE International

FE International was founded in 2010 and has since sold, an industry-leading, 300 online businesses. They specialize in all business models from AdSense websites to SaaS businesses. The company headquarters are based in Boston and they have a secondary office in London, UK. Not only do they provide free valuations and can sell your website but they also have a buyer networker consisting of over 400 individuals, investors and funds looking for online businesses to acquire.

#5 Website Broker

Founded in 1997, Website Broker is based at California and aims to assist companies and individual in buying and selling existing websites. The easy interface helps buy fully developed websites and domain names while sellers can on the other hand list their requirement and reach thousands of potential buyers.

#6 Empire Flippers

empire flippersEmpire Flippers is a well presented website selling and buying interface wherein buyers get to browse through a variety of featured websites along with important details like monetization methods and net profits. This is a perfect marketplace for those looking for affordable website solutions or getting an appreciable market rate.

#7 We Buy Websites

With over 6 years of experience in online business acquisitions, We Buy Websites has bought over $12.5m in websites and are always on the look out to buy established, high quality websites. If they wish to make an offer on your website they will do so in 48 hours. If you have significant traffic and a proven revenue, get in touch for an offer.

Bonus Tip

# NamePros

Namepros is a unique website buying and selling marketplace that allows sellers and buyers to connect over a well managed forum. Sellers can post their website details along with price in carefully categorized industry niches.

# Digital Point Forum

Digital Point Forum helps connect sellers and buyers of established websites, CPM Banner Ads, CPC Contextual Links, CPM email ads and several other IT products. All the discussions in the forum are categorized according to the geographical location of the business such that both stakeholders find the process more relevant and timely.

Closing note:

I have seen many investors purchased established business / websites from such marketplaces and by implementing proper strategies, they are really making good money out of it. Are you an IT professional with some online business idea? you can convert this idea into online business and can make quick money by selling established online business to them through these website marketplaces. In-short, this is win-win situation for both investors & website / online business developers.

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