9 Best Startup Submission Websites to Quickly Promote Your Startup Online | Tips & Tricks

Have you recently launched your startup? Do you want quick shout-out about your product / service or tools? not sure how to promote your startup? Don't worry! in this article, I will show you 9 best startup submission and platforms to pitch your product to get initial traction.

Most important strategies to prove is your business concept and gaining early user traction whenever you launch your own startup business. If you're like most startup founders, you don't have an enough money to hire a PR agency, dedicated design team and however, to become the best startup entrepreneur means that you have got the curiosity to look elsewhere to induce your startup rise. To gain any product validation and reach market match , therefore you'll scale, there are several platforms obtainable to assist you to interact along with your target users.

(1) ProductHunt

ProductHunt is on #1 stop in our list by considering the opportunity and reach they provides to startup. Any startup would like its products and services to make the reach to the end users as penetrative as possible in the shortest time span possible – ProductHunt is doing just that.

product hunt

ProductHunt is one of the best platform which curate best startups in technology industry. The best things about ProductHunt is, large community base; they vote startup and share their feedback with founders. You can find best startup products according to the latest trends in the market. It is an unique website which caters to your needs ranging from technology, games, books, artificial intelligence, developer tools, mobile app, productivity, VR and wearable and almost every topic that can be covered. The website connects these ranges of products with organizations, people, and end users. If you are planning to work on your own startup and looking for out of box ideas, ProductHunt can also help you. Just explore all amazing startup innovation and plan your next startup that can bridge the gap between technology and consumer.

(2) Beta Page:

BetaPage is very large community of early product adapter and technology enthusiast. Here you will get best opportunity to showcase your amazing startup product to 40,000+ community members.

beta page

BetaPage is the best startup submission website covering businesses of Vivaldi, gopay, YveBot – Smart rule-based bot, Google Chrome Unified Autoplay, Apple 4K TV, mobiles, apps, bots etc. This website allows the user to search for all technology related products. Same as ProductHunt, the BetaPage users can vote for your startup idea and can accordingly feature best startup on their featured page. Relatively compatible website which can provide up to date information for your business acumen and help you to connect with large community.

(3) Beta List:

If your needs cater to knowing more and more about what's going on in the current scenario, then all you have to do is just look into Beta List.

beta list

Beta List is a website containing web applications to suit your needs in the form of front page, regions, markets, newsletter, jobs etc. This website covers all trending business requirements with its range of apps to that of the end users. Now being a startup, you can connect with this community by submitting your startup at BetaList.

(4) Index:

If you are an investor or a leading brand advertisement agency or a leading brand in itself looking to project your business in a more catch way then simply use an index.

Index Platform

The index is a website for startups where investors and leading brands can advertise their businesses. It also provides room for analysts to analyze businesses along with options suitable for comparing price. It also helps explore the contents on the web enabling faster growth. Every bit of your advertisement is worth the effort in index platform.

(5) Killer Startups:

If there was any platform tailor-made to review other startups with all fairness then it would surely be killer startups.

killer startups

Killer Startups is a leading startup review platform which publish reviews of other startups. It also showcases featured founders, startup tools & guides. It is one of the leading online publication which writes detailed startup reviews with all amazing information. Pitching them for review can be best opportunity for your startup to gain early popularity.

(6) Crunch Base:

Crunch Base is the one of the leading websites featuring almost all amazing startups, SMBs and large enterprises. It is the best platform to learn about latest industry trends, news about global companies, and investments from startup to the Fortune.

crunch base

Crunchbase is like a master record of information about world's most innovative companies, investment, founders, innovation and almost all important information associated with it. It has scalable and unique approach for collecting data from contributors of different community, the biggest venture partner network, and in-house data groups armed with powerful machine learning. No matter whether you are a small startup or big business, you must be present on CrunchBase.

(7) Tech Pluto:

TechPluto is the best platform for technology startup to start showcasing their product. Here you just need to click on submit startup category and follow the specified steps.

tech pluto

TechPluto is a website for startup submission and online publishing platform where you can also write about startup industries and your experience. You can try every bit of your efforts to enhance your business needs using techpluto.

(8) Stack Share:


Stackshare is an unique startup comparison platform which compare all amazing startup side-by-side. Here they are also promoting trending product / tools list for their users. If you are a startup and looking to promote your products, this can be best option to start with.

(9) Capterra:


If you are a SaaS startup and solving some unique problem, Capterra software suggest and comparison platform is the best for you. Here they not only list the software startup but also displays all the features with more details along with real life user's review. They also do the great comparison between similar software based on various factors and functionalities.


Your startup can never get success without its users and it is very important for you to choose the right platform that provides you an opportunity to connect with your prospect. Hence, these startup submission website is a great way to promote your startup in early stage with minimum or no expenses.

There are thousands of startup submission websites and chances are there, we have missed few awesome platforms in this article. We are always open to hear your feedback and will edit this article with those platforms.

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