How to Get Mojave Dark Mode on your Mac Now | Tips & Tricks

One of the coolest and newest features in macOS is a special display called Dark . Dark Mode provides a change in the way your applications look that may be easier on your eyes, especially in odd lighting situations. Unfortunately, the Apple-supported Dark Mode won’t be available to the general public until the third of fourth quarter of this year (2018) when the operating system is made available to the general public.

Until then, it is possible with a bit of computer-based prestidigitation to get Dark Mode on your Mac before macOS Mojave is even released.  If this is something you’d like to do, then you’ve come to the right place. Here is how you can get this cool Mojave feature on your Mac now.

Note: this hack will require downloading a special file and then making changes to your computer in its recovery console. If you’re not comfortable doing these kinds of things or aren’t comfortable making system level changes with untried and untested files, add-ons and hacks, then stop and go no further.

Dark is a dark-colored theme that can be applied to part or all of the system or to specific key apps in macOS Sierra or later. When enabled, it turns the screen a black translucent color, reducing strain on your eyes. This makes using your device in darker settings easier, especially at night.

The following method works on macOS Sierra or later. The method will apply Dark Mode to only the Apple stock apps like Safari, Finder, Text Edit, etc., and once implemented will need to be applied individually to each application. When a Dark Mode-enabled app is closed, Dark Mode on that app is disabled.

To add Dark Mode capabilities to your Mac, follow these steps:

1. Turn off SIP (System Integrity Protection). This is a permanent change, but it can be reversed.

1.1 Turn your Mac off.

1.2 Press and hold Command + R to enter Recovery.

1.3 Turn your Mac back on and enter Recovery.

1.4. After Recover loads, click on “Utilities -> Terminal” in the menu bar.

1.5. Type the following into Terminal when it opens:

and press Return.

1.6. Close Terminal and restart your Mac.

2. Download this file to your Mac.

3. Open Finder and go to your Downloads folder. Find “” and select it with your mouse.

4. Press Command + C to copy the file.

5. With Finder as the active Window, click “Go -> Go to Folder” in the Menu Bar. Enter “~/Library/Services” in the Go to Folder window and click the Go button.


6. Press Command + V to paste a copy of into the Services folder.

7. Double Click the ZIP file. It will decompress inside of Services and create a folder called DarkMode.

8. Open a System app that you wish to apply Dark Mode to.

9. In the app’s Program Menu, click Services and then “Apply Dark Mode.” The standard color scheme for that app will change.


Since its introduction, Dark Mode has been a display property that many have longed to have on the computer or Mac they use.  With this simple procedure, you can have Dark Mode on your Mac now.

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