How to Organize and Sync Your Browser Bookmarks | Tech News works a bit differently than EverSync. Instead of using and syncing your bookmarks locally, you use and sync them through the Raindrop website. Accessing them online is just as convenient as accessing them locally, though not as fast.

You can view and use your bookmarks through the Raindrop toolbar icon or through the Raindrop pane. After you install the program as an app or extension and create a free account, you can import your existing local bookmarks into the service to kick things off. From there, install the program for your other browsers on your other devices, sign into your account, and you’ll see your stored bookmarks.

You can sort your bookmarks by name, date, and other criteria. Right-clicking on a bookmark lets you edit it or delete it. Modify or remove a bookmark in one browser, and the change immediately shows up in the other browsers since they’re all tapped into the same collection. To add a bookmark, click on the Raindrop icon, select the folder in which you want to store the bookmark, and click on the Add Bookmark button.

Raindrop directly supports Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera. The program is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android. In Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge, you can use Raindrop as a Web app to view and open your bookmarked pages.

A basic bookmarking account with is free. For $3 a month or $28 a year, a Pro edition supports nested collections of bookmarks stored in subfolders, finds and deletes duplicate bookmarks and broken links, and lets you store your bookmark collections on Dropbox or Google Drive.

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