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If you need a way to record your Skype audio or video calls, on the PC or mobile, you have several options.

For Skype audio calls on your computer or mobile device, you can simply use a digital recorder, which you can find for as little as $30. If you have an iPhone, you can use the built-in Voice Memos app to record Skype calls made on your computer. And if you have an Android device, you can use a voice-recording app for Skype calls made on your PC.

But what if you want something that can handle audio and video calls? No problem. Skype doesn’t natively support any type of call recording, but several third-party applications can handle the job.

First, is it legal to record an audio or video call, and do you need the permission of the other party? That varies based on where you live. US federal law and the laws of many US states allow recording if just one party, including you, approves. Some states require both parties to consent to be recorded. Other countries have their own laws. To be on the safe side, ask the other person for permission before recording the call.

First, let’s look programs that can record Skype calls on your computer.

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