How to Send an Email to a Specific Microsoft Teams Channel

Teams is great for messaging your coworkers, but what if you want to share an email with them? Don't forward it or cut and paste the contents into Teams, it straight to a specific channel.

Internal chat apps can cut down on email bloat considerably, but one of the pain points are emails that come from people outside your team that you need to share with people inside your team.

In the past, you would have forwarded the email to the people on your team, but once you're using a chat app like Microsoft Teams, that seems old-fashioned. Chat apps are supposed to cut down on email and give you a single communications windows, if possible, so forwarding emails to people who are in the same Team as you goes against what you're trying to achieve.

Microsoft has recognized this and has provided an easy way to send an email straight to a channel in Teams.

In the Microsoft Teams channel that you want to send the email to, click on the three dots in the top right-hand corner and select the “Get Email Address” option from the drop-down menu.

In the panel that pops up, click the “Copy” button to save the address to your clipboard.

Now, paste that address into your email and send the email to the channel it's as simple as that.

If you're the owner of the Team, you can limit who can use that email address by clicking the “Advanced Settings” link while looking at the channel's address.

Choose which members can send emails to your team by selecting one of the available radio buttons. If you just want people in your organization to be able to email the channel, choose the “Only Email Sent From These Domains” option and add your organization's email domain.

Click the “Save” button to exit the advanced settings.

If you don't want anyone at all to send emails to the channel, you might think that you need to click the “Remove Email Address” link.

However, this is really a bad piece of labeling. If you remove the email address, it removes the existing channel email address, but you can still click Options > Get Email Address and a new email address will be generated.

We're not sure when this would be useful unless someone is spamming the channel, but if you want a new email address for the channel, go right ahead and click the “Remove Email Address” button.

This will bring up a confirmation panel. Click the “Remove” button to delete that specific email address from the channel.

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