How to Stream Wimbledon 2018 Online (Without Cable) | Tips & Tricks

The Championships in Wimbledon—one of the biggest tennis tournaments of the year—is here. Here’s a quick summary of the streaming rights situation, and where you cant watch online.


How to Watch Wimbledon Online in the USA

ESPN has the US rights to Wimbledon this year; check out the schedule here. If you want to watch online you’ve got two main options:

  • Head to if you have a cable subscription (or if your parents do and you accidentally wrote down the password). There are also apps for Android, iOS, Roku, AppleTV, and various other platforms.
  • Otherwise you’ll have to pay for an online streaming service. SlingTV is a good option: $25 a month gives you all three ESPN channels, along with access to all ESPN apps. You can always cancel after the tournament is done.

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Those are you two main options, other than using a VPN to watch streams from other countries. More on that later.

How to Watch Wimbledon Online in the UK

The BCC has the rights to Wimbledon in the UK, check out the schedule here. Watching online is superficial, here are your two options:

Isn’t that easy? Enjoy.

How to Watch Wimbledon Online in Canada

Bell Media Group—which owns CTV and TSN—has the Canadian broadcast rights to Wimbledon, and from what we can tell every match is going to be on TSN. Check out the schedule here

You can watch TSN online here, but you’ll need a cable subscription to do so. If any games are eventually broadcast on CTV you can watch on the CTV website.

And that’s about all there is to say. There’s not really a Canadian equivalent to Sling TV and services like it, so your only real option for watching every match is to pay for cable. Sorry, Canada.

Having Issues Bypassing Geographic Restrictions? Use a VPN

Whether you’re traveling from your home country or just live in a place that has ridiculous restrictions on what’s available, the solution to bypassing restrictions is always to use a VPN, which will make it appear as if you are coming from a different location. Our VPN picks are these:

  • ExpressVPN – this VPN choice is incredibly fast, easy to use, and has very user-friendly clients for every platform.
  • StrongVPN – this VPN isn’t quite as user friendly, but is very fast and tends to be useful for bypassing restrictions because it’s not quite as well known.

In general, the way to bypass restrictions is to switch the VPN server to another country that has access to the website you’re trying to view. If it’s still blocked, try a different server. Both of the choices offer free trials, so you won’t have to pay for something that doesn’t work for you.

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