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The most common and efficient way to capture a moment so you can look at it in the future to try to feel as you did and take you back to that moment are photos. Thanks to smartphones, especially , we don't need to use expensive cameras to take amazing photos.

Often times, people lose a lot of photos of really important and meaningful moments when they lose their phones due to one reason or another. Losing those pictures means you won't be able to take a look at them again. With the number of things, we have to remember, sometimes those special moments can be forgotten over time. Wouldn't you like to see a picture of you and a friend who left to live in another country from 5 years ago?

It is important to save those pictures in backup places where you know they will be safe. Why not your computer which you have at your home or a laptop that is more difficult to lose than your iPhone?

Transferring photos to PC or laptop allows you to save a lot of photos which you can access really conveniently to go back and relive those great moments.

Transfer Photos From iPhone to Mac

If you own a mac you can simply connect your iPhone to your computer using the USB cable. Then the photos app that is installed on your Mac opens automatically. If for some reason it doesn't, you can open your Applications folder and then select the Photos app.

Select import at the top of the app and then select import all new items. If you don't want to download all photos and instead of a few select ones, just click all the photos you want and then click Import # Selected.

Unfortunately, you can't transfer photos from iPhone to PC using iTunes because they don't allow it. However, there is great free iPhone transfer software called IOTransfer that allows you to transfer all your photos from iPhone to PC really easily and way more quickly. This great iPhone manager allows you to transfer all your photos in just one click across multiple devices. Not even iTunes can top that.

How to Transfer Photos From iPhone to Computer via IOTransfer

First, you need to have iTunes downloaded on your PC because they install the iPhone drivers on your PC.

Download and install IOTransfer from their official website: Then open it and install it. The process is really simple, just press accept and install. That's it, at that moment the installing process begins which means you just have to wait for a little while.

After you have the great iPhone transfer software IOTransfer installed you have to open it from the desktop or from the taskbar. Then you will see three options which are Sync to iTunes, Sync to PC and Sync to Device. If you want to transfer all photos from iPhone to PC, just click Sync to PC. In this way, all your photos will be copied to computer with one click.


If you don't want to transfer all photos but instead just a selected few that you would like to save you can select Photos at the left bar, click the folder where the photo you want to transfer is, then select the photos you want to transfer and click any of the two options: Add and To Pc.


Thanks to the iPhone manager, IOTransfer, you will not only transfer those great pictures you have saved in your iPhone to your PC, but also can delete multiple photos in one click. The best part is that you can also transfer music, videos, iBooks, apps, voice memos, etc. between iDevices and PC.

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