How to Use Google Chrome in Kodi to Access Your Streaming Services | Tips & Tricks

There's a way to get access to nearly any service through Kodi. There may not be add-ons for all of them, but there is one add-on that can handle any of them. That add-on is Chrome Launcher.

It's simple, really. Chrome Launcher is a relatively simple script that launches Chrome in kiosk mode (borderless) from within Kodi. It can open directly from any website that you need it to, and you can create your own custom launchers for each site and service.

With the Chrome Launcher you can access any streaming service that supports Chrome.

Chrome Launcher isn't available in the default Kodi repository. In order to get access to it, you're going to need to enable a different, larger repository, SuperRepo. Before you get started you should know that SuperRepo is a gigantic repository with loads of add-ons. Not all of them are entirely above board. Before you start downloading other things from the repository, keep that in mind.

To start, click on the settings icon in the main menu within Kodi. It's the little gear towards the top. Then, click “System.” On the resulting menu locate and click “Add-ons.” Look for an option to toggle on “Unknown sources” and allow outside repositories to be installed.

Add SuperRepo Source

Next, back out to the main settings menu. Pick the file manager, and “Add Source.” Type the web address as the source.

Give it a name, and press “OK” to save the source.

Install The SuperRepo zip

Return to the Kodi main menu. Click the “Add-ons” tab. Locate the open box icon towards the top of the menu and click it. Then, choose “Install from zip file” within the menu.

Find the name that you gave to your SuperRepo source. Find your version of Kodi, and navigate through “repositories” and “superrepo.” Find the latest zip in the list and install it.

Add SuperRepo Program add-ons

Go back to the menu you arrived at from clicking the box icon under the Add-ons tab. Pick the option to install from repository. Choose SuperRepo. You'll see a huge list of repositories available through SuperRepo, broken down by category. Choose the “Programs” repository and install it.

Install Chrome Launcher

Return to the main add-ons menu. Click on the “Download” tab. From there find the program add-ons from the menu. The list of program add-ons just got a whole lot longer, but it's still alphabetical. Scroll down to the Chrome Launcher and install it.

You're ready to start using the Chrome Launcher. Head back to the main add-ons menu. Navigate to “My add-ons,” then “Program add-ons.” When should see Chrome Launcher there, launch it.

Default Chrome Launchers

You'll see three options waiting for you. Two of them are ready-made launchers for Vimeo and YouTube. You can try either one if you like. Alt + F4 gets you out of the Chrome window.

Enter A URL To Open With Chrome

The final option allows you to make your own launcher. Try it out. Start by giving your launcher a name that'll appear in the menu. Next, tell it the exact web address to open. The setup will ask you two more questions about how you want Chrome to run. The defaults are fine.

After you have your launcher set up, open it. Your new launcher will take you directly to the site you requested. If you plan on using this technique on Linux or another configuration that isn't supported, you may need to use the user agent switcher plugin to make it look like you're on Windows. It will work in nearly all cases.

Congrats! You're ready to start using all your favorite streaming services directly through Kodi. Keep in mind that all of these pieces constantly update and change. Keep everything up to date to ensure that things keep running smoothly. That includes updating your spoofed user agent, if you're using one.

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