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Attention early iOS explorers.
iOS 12 is now available in beta.
Now you don’t need to download this.
In fact, I probably recommend that you don’t because it’s a work in progress.
And if you want a really polished version of the next OS, that’s not gonna have any problems, wait for it.
It’s probably gonna come in the fall Meanwhile, those who wanna play around with this who weren’t developers now can download this more easily and use some of IOS 12’s most interesting features.
What are they?
Well here are the things that you can play with that I think are worth downloading to try as long as you use a secondary device.
One, AR.
While you can’t use AR Kit 2, which uses multiplayer, because that requires 3rd party apps that aren’t here yet.
You can look at the Measure app, which Apple put on iOS 12, that allows you to use AR like a tape measure.
It’s fun to play around with, nothing tremendously exciting, but it’s there.
Mimoji, you know you wanna play around with Mimoji.
Mimoji are like Apple and Nintendo creating this crazy Bitmoji child together.
It’s part of the Animoji feature set.
There are now extra Animoji.
You need an iPhone X to use this.
Animoji and emoji work inside messages or in FaceTime with up to 32 people at once if you can find 32 people all using the data.
You have to dig in a little bit.
If you look in messages there’s an area not just to record with various Animoji and new ones and an emoji that you can build yourself but there’s a camera with effect features where you can layer the emoji on top of your head.
That’s the craziest part, and as far as I can tell, only 30 seconds at a time that you can record.
Screentime is Apple’s way to try to monitor your digital health and you can play around with that in settings and see how much time you’re spending in apps, which is a little bit terrifying.
Or you can set reminders to cut yourself off.
If that happens it provides a little warning and pop up, which you can also override and still use the app, or you can monitor and control its screen time.
Notifications have changed, so there’s now a way to nest notifications from the same type.
Or you can take a specific notification and snooze it or done at the pin of your phone just show up on the lock screen.
There’s a lot of ways to play around with that.
Series shortcuts is Apple’s way of trying to get to things faster using Siri voice say I and create your own props.
There will be a shortcuts app that allows you to set things up But that’s not here yet and third party apps that support shortcuts have not arrived.
What you can do, is use shortcuts with Apple’s own apps and if you go into settings and go into Siri, you can see that any apps you’ve used there are already recommended short cuts and if you go inside those you can try recording your own prompts.
Or play around if you open up a webpage or create a shortcut for that and things along those lines.
So play and see what it can do.
Those are the top five things you can do on iOS 12 beta.
There are a lot of other things including added performance for a lot of older models but stay tuned on test that we do with those and keep in mind, betas are betas.
I’m Scott Stein at CNET.
Good luck.

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