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If test markets in Europe are any indication, Netflix is planning a new “Ultra” service tier for US Markets. Here’s what that entails.

Currently Netflix has three tiers in the U.S.—$7.99 for the basic plan (1 standard definition stream, no HD or 4K), $10.99 for the standard (2 HD streams, no 4K), and the $13.99 Premium plan (4 streams, HD or 4K when available).

In Italy, however, customers are seeing new options as part of a marketing test: a Basic, Standard, Premium, and Ultra plan. Here’s a screenshot courtesy of TuttoAndroid:

If this new tier rolls out to the U.S., Netflix subscribers can assume the Euro pricing will transfer (as it does now) directly to dollars with the Ultra plan running $16.99. The over all changes to the plans would also knock the number of streams for Standard down by one and Premium down by 2. Other European countries, including Germany, are seeing price shifts and new plans too.

Practically, this means U.S. users should brace for a pricing shift and, potentially, 4K HDR content restricted only to the Ultra plan.

Source: CNET


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