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Soccer isn’t a technologically advanced game, but in one way it feels more modern than the four major sports in North America: you’re not being constantly being interrupted by commercials.

Streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime mean we’re not used to seeing commercials unless we’re visiting older family, staying in a hotel, or watching sports. Which makes the World Cup so refreshing to watch: there are no commercial breaks during play, meaning you get to watch 45 minutes of pure sport without being yelled at by GEICO. After halftime, which has ads, you get 45 more minutes of uninterrupted sport.

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Here’s M.G.Siegler, writing for 500ish Words:

Contrast this with our most popular sport, (American) football. You watch for a few minutes. Then you watch a few minutes of commercials. Then you watch another few minutes of gameplay. Then a few minutes more of commercials. This repeats dozens of times over the course of a few hours. And the amount of gameplay action you actually get to see is something like 11 total minutes (because so much of the game not spent in commercial is spent standing around, winding down the clock). And 100 or so commercials. Seriously.

Siegler goes on to say that, long term, the World Cup approach might be a better business decision. It would be an interesting problem to study, from an economic perspective, but what I do know is sport without constant ad breaks is a revelation.

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