Access Your Windows 10 Sticky Notes on Web & Android Phone

The app is part of Windows 10, but it's also linked to your Microsoft account. You can access your Sticky Notes anywhere you have a web browser or on an Android phone. iPhone and iPad support is coming soon.

How to See Sticky Notes on the Web

Windows 10 Sticky Notes syncs all your notes to the cloud and lets you create, view, and manage notes on the web from any computer. Getting there isn't as straightforward as you might think, though. Searching the internet doesn't provide a direct link to any Microsoft site. Instead, you have to know where exactly to go.

To access Sticky Notes via the web, you'll need to be signed into the Sticky Notes app with your Microsoft account. To check, click the gear icon at the top-right corner of the Sticky Notes app on your desktop. If you're not signed in, click the “Sign In” button at the top of the window. The Sticky Notes app will synchronize your notes with your Microsoft account, so you can access them on the web, on your other Windows 10 PCs, and Android phones.

Fire up your favorite browser, head on over to, and sign in to your Microsoft account.

After you've signed in, a simple sticky notes homepage loads and a list of synced notes appears along the left side panel. Clicking a note displays the full contents of it in the pane to the right.

If you don't have any notes already created, click the + button at the top of the page to start a new one.

If you want to color-code your notes, or maybe you don't need the note anymore, click the three dots menu icon to reveal a selection of colors and the delete button.

Windows 10 Sticky Notes syncs to any device you sign in to with your Microsoft account. This means that if you buy a new computer, all your notes automatically sync to your desktop.

How to See Sticky Notes on Your Android Phone

Microsoft has been working to sync your Windows 10 machine to your phone with Microsoft Launcher for Android. Microsoft Launcher is for Android users who want a seamless experience with Microsoft apps, like Office, Outlook, and even Sticky Notes, to pick up where you left off on your PC.

After installing Microsoft Launcher, swipe right to your feed and all your notes sync to your phone for easy access on the go.

The Sticky Notes functionality on mobile works identically to how it does on the web or from your desktop. You can create, manage, and delete notes on the go—any changes you make sync across all other devices through your Microsoft account.

Although Microsoft Launcher is Android specific, Microsoft is working on bringing Sticky Notes to iOS devices via OneNote and are currently in the beta stages of making that happen. So, you won't have to wait much longer until you can access your notes from an iPhone as well.

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