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Yes, you read it right! 128TB SD memory card will be the reality in near future and the technology behind this high storage faster data transfer rate SD memory card is known as “SD Express”. The technology will not only empower the high data storage memory card but also helps faster data transfer. This will empower various technologies like AR, VR, 360 Degree photography and videography etc.

During Mobile World Congress Shanghai, today on 26th June 2018, The SD Association a group of over 900 companies announced SD express technology which is the best combination of PCI Express® and NVMe™ interfaces. If you are not aware, the PCIe interface can deliver upto 985 MB per second maximum data transfer rate and the NVMe upper layer protocol can enables best memory advance mechanism. Here they announced the maximum SD memory card storage capacity will be grows from 2TB with SDXC to 128TB with this new technology of SD ultra capacity (SDUC) card. This new innovation will also enable backward compatibility and is a part of new SD 7.0 specifications.

Here is the official video from SD Association explaining SD express technology

Brief about SD Express Technology:

SD express memory card technology can be very helpful to advanced 360 degree ultra high resolution photography, IoT devices, video games and many more market. SD Express is a revolutionary technology adds the popular PCI Express® and NVMe™ interfaces to the legacy SD interface.

  • It can achieve upto 985 MB data transfer speed per second
  • It can have upto 128TB of storage
  • It uses PCIe Gen 3
  • NVMe Ver 1.3 protocol
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This card can also provide a system developer a great features like buss mastering, multi-queue with out-locking mechanism. If we talk about the current market scenario, the highest storage card offered by SanDisk are 512GB extreme pro SDXC card and available at around $300 in market. 1TB is yet to available in market where as this 128TB SD card will be huge jump in the storage industry and will definitely revolutionize the industry. As per the announcement, the SD express will be available on SDUC, SDXC and SDHC memory cards initially and the dates is yet to announce.

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