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Sometimes you just want to chill with the competition and play a game together. If you want to get some co-op action going on your Xbox One, we have the games for you.

While multiplayer games, in general, are as popular as ever these days, the majority of the are online multiplayer only. If you want to fire up your Xbox with a friend and co-op play right on the couch together, these titles offer the old school local play you crave.

Portal 2 ($20)

This game has been out for a while, but between community-created levels, and the infinite fun of screaming at your uncooperative partner, Portal 2 is still engaging. In the co-op mode, you and one other player control two testing robots who must solve a series of puzzles to give GLaDOS that science fix she needs.

You can use in-game communication tools to point to objectives and direct your partner, or just sit on the couch screaming at each other. Technically, Portal 2 is an Xbox 360 game, but thanks to Microsoft’s backwards compatibility program, it’s available for Xbox One owners as well.

Overcooked ($20)

We can’t stop talking about Overcooked. This game puts you and up to three friends in charge of a chaotic kitchen where you have to prepare ingredients, cook meals, plate food, and deliver it to the front of the house. All while traveling through time to learn the art of cooking so you can defeat an apocalyptic hunger monster.

The charming characters and high-energy gameplay make it an engaging game for players who are good at working together. Or an entertainingly disastrous experience for players who can’t work together.

Spelunky ($15)

In this 8-bit Indiana Jones style adventure, you and up to three other players can explore randomly-generated mines, fighting monsters, unlocking treasure, and working your way past traps. Because the levels are randomly generated, every time you play it’s a different experience. Up to four players can play up to nine unique characters, so everyone can roleplay the archaeology adventurer of their choice.

Cuphead ($20)

Don’t play this game if you’re easily frustrated by difficult games. We’ll get that out of the way right up front. Cuphead is an absolutely beautiful game, where all assets are hand-drawn in the style of an old-timey cartoon. Every frame of the game looks like it could be straight out of an animated short from the 40s.

Two players can team up to take down a series of bosses as the main character aims to repay a debt to the devil (cartoons were weird back in the day). Just beware, Cuphead is an especially merciless entry in the bullet hell genre. You and your partner will die over and over and over, but if you’re comfortable with that level of challenge, give it a shot.

Lovers In a Dangerous Spacetime ($15)

In this delightfully colorful game, you control a round spaceship as it makes its way through a series of side-scrolling levels, fighting enemies attacking from all angles. Like in Star Trek, it takes more than a single person to manage this ship. Up to four people can play this game and every extra pair of hands helps. Different stations on the ship control shields, weapons, or steering the ship itself. The game is a test of your team coordination as you try to stay afloat.

Minecraft ($20)

At this point, it’s hard to have gotten through life without hearing about Minecraft—that’s because it’s worth talking about. Players can join a shared world that can be taken apart and built in whatever image they desire. You can even play in local split-screen (you can find instructions to do so here) so you and other players can build together from the comfort of your couch.

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