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Virtual Reality [ VR ] Is a Computer Generated Simulation, In Which We Can Interact With The Scene And Controls The Environment With Using An Electronic Device Is Knows As Virtual Reality – VR. Modern Science And Technology Have Been Increasing a lot Which Providing Different And Varieties Of Smart Products One After One Over The Last Decade, Virtual Reality Is One Of The Most Fantastic Invention, The VR Has Totally Changed Everything On Every Sector. We Are Stepping Into The New Virtuality World Without Stepping Our Legs Outside From Home.

In VR The Two Factors Really Takes You Up To An Exciting Virtual Reality World And That Makes Us Feel As If We Are Actually There. Offcourse, We Are There With Its Motion Tracking And Eye Tracking Features.

Those Who Are Planning To Buy a VR Headset To Enter Into Their New World Whether It Is Gaming, Education, 3D Movies etc… Then They Can With These 5 Best VR Headset. Let’s Know What Are That Top 5 Best VR Headset And Its Full Details.???

  1. HTC Vive
  2. Sony PlayStation VR
  3. Oculus Rift
  4. Samsung Gear VR
  5. Google Cardboard

HTC Vive Is One Of The Best Product That Offers The Most Comprehensive VR Experience To The Users. In Addition To This, There Are Two Base Stations Are Used For Tracking The Movement Of Headset And The Device Include a Couple Of Motion Controller Inside The VR Box. Well HTC Vive VR Headset Really Provides Best Experience Compared To Traditional Controllers.

Top 5 Best VR [ Virtual Reality ] Headsets of 2018..!!!

Key Features

  • HTC Vive Sports Comes With a High Resolution Of 1080 P Both For Two Screens That After Highly Crisply Images.
  • The Most Interesting And Wonderful Thing Of This Headset Is It Has Room – Scale Features That Allows The Users To Roam / Walk Around 4.5 X 4.5 Meters Of Space Minimum. This Feature Totally Adds An Amazing Realistic Environment.


As Everyone Knows That Every Product That Comes From Sony Is Definitely a Quality Product Available At An Affordable Price. Well Sony Playstation VR is One Of The Best Quality Product And We Have To Agree To These. The Remarkable Thing Is It Requires An Expensive Highly Ended Gaming PC To Run It Without Hanging.



Key Features

Only a PS4 Console Is Enough To Run It. It Is Offered In Two Varients. The Basic One Include The VR System And The HeadPhone Along With The Cable Requirements. Moreover, Those Who Doesn’t Have The PS Camera And The Motion Controllers Should Go For The Bundle Pack To Get The Most Of It.


Oculus Rift Demands a High-End Gaming PC Gather The Required Power For Generating The Two 1080 x 1200 High Resolution Of Images For The Headset.


Key Features

The Minimum Specs Asked By Rift Were Originally Intel Core i5 4590 Processor Or It’s Equivalent, 8GB RAM And Radeon 290 Or GTX 970, Video Card.

The New Samsung Gear VR Is Quite Identical And It Is Smaller And Lighter. Well, Gear Is Quite Efficient For Home Entertainment VR Device And For Watching Different Kinds Of Videos.

Top 5 Best VR [ Virtual Reality ] Headsets of 2018..!!!


Key Features

  • The Straps Are Made More Comfortable.
  • Playing Games Can Also Be highly Exciting.

Google Cardboard Is One Of The Most Simply Design With Low-Cost Fuss Free Solution That Meant For Converting a Simple Device Into One Which Cans Facilitate Watching VR Contents. Well Google Cardboard In The Name Itself It Is Just a Piece Of Cardboard With a Couple Of Powerful Lenses Inside It.


Key Features


  • Highly Affordable And Offers a Host Of Free Apps.
  • Wide Range Of Viewer Choices.


These Are The Top 5 Best VR Headset Of 2018…,

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