3 Ways to Translate Spotify Lyrics on Phone and Web

Apart from being a digital music platform, Spotify gives you access to many handy features like you can set a sleep timer while listening to some music on your iPhone or can play your favorite track while your MacBook is sleeping.

However, in this post, we will discuss how you can the of the song playing on your Spotify app in any of the provided languages.

How to Translate Spotify Lyrics?

Although adding lyrics isn't something new, Spotify has updated itself with features that allow you to translate lyrics into another language. In this read, We can do so on mobile. Let's find out how?

Translate Spotify Lyrics on Android and iPhone

You can effortlessly translate the lyrics on the Spotify app on your Android and iPhone just with a single click. Follow the steps given below to learn how.

1. Launch the Spotify app (Android, iOS) on your

2. Play the song that you want to listen to and drag the screen up, to access “Lyrics”.

3. Tap the translation button from the top right side.

4. The translated version of the lyrics will appear below each excerpt in the original language.

Note: As of now, the translation works only on Hindi songs, and is limited to a few songs. It will be expanded to more songs in the future. Till the support expands to more songs, you can use third-party ways to translate your favorite songs.

Translate Lyrics via Third Party Service

You can use third-party apps, you can use to translate the lyrics of songs that are not yet supported by Spotify yet. Here's how it works:

1. Download the Musixmatch Lyrics app on your .

2. Log into the app and grant permission for notifications access.

3. Link it to your Spotify account by tapping the “Connect” button under the settings option.

4. Once it is connected, play any song on your Spotify app and access lyrics by swiping up.

5. Now, tap the “Musixmatch” popup and choose your desired language, to see translated lyrics.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we discussed the ways to translate the lyrics on Spotify. I hope you found this useful, please share to others.

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