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Currently, a massive amount of world economy relies on cyber security and the foundations of nations has been laid on the spans of the internet, who doesn't wish to become a hacker. Being a hacker on the internet seems to be a commanding position with so much to explore at your hand. But are there any pre-requisites for being a good hacker? Or can anyone gain enough knowledge by random methods to earn the position of a good hacker? What most people do not realize, is that being a hacker is not a singular field you need to have a strong command on as well. In this article, we will talk about why programming is the must needed for a hacker.

What Must a Hacker possess?

What props up in a single search query of the term ‘hacker' is not enough to define the actual job. The culture of hacking has its roots in the early stage of ARPANET and the deep web, the knowledge related to it and the structure of the internet as a whole.

Ask a layman to learn to hack and it will take ages for him to learn even the simplest of tricks, on the other hand, ask a person with genuine interest in internet and programming and he will work miracles. This is what is the most sought out quality of a hacker. A strong foundation of programming and an inquisitive attitude.

Why does a hacker must be a good programmer?

Hacker Must be a Good Programmer

It is expected that a good hacker must possess the ability to understand and code in C, Python and JAVA. C being the core to UNIX is strongly recommended. Where do these come in use? Well, actually everywhere! These are the languages that allow you to experiment with the existing code by injecting virus snippets and poisoning the streaming thus disrupting servers. Hacking into server depends on a great deal upon how efficiently a code snippet is written and injected.

How does it work?

From web application security to network application security, anything and everything deals with coding. Moreover, having an adept hand in programming provides you an edge and makes you independent to design your attack accordingly. Hackers work anonymously and this is their biggest strength.

Having a good knowledge of creating malware application can help you destabilise entire frameworks with a little help of hacking tools. Numerous hacking tools are freely available on the internet to provide you a little support in your adventures but you can also buy some hacking tools for specific target operations.

How to become an expert?

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Even after having these tools you need to know how to exploit the web. For this reason, Python is considered the best option. Though being on a certain advanced level, python offers the perfect tools to get your task done without leaving a trace of your identity.

Experts believe that to learn Python, the best method is to apply what you know through a project with a simple goal and with time increase the complexity. Master this programming language and the web will bow in front of view. The most efficient way is to develop an aptitude by moulding your thoughts through it.

Learning and practicing exercises from a book or learning it from courseware available on Amazon can provide you a good foundation. Some people also try python.org to learn it first hand from the origin or go for e-book packages.The sources are uncountable, all you need to do is take an initiative.

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