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Will Computers Become Extinct Because of the Increase in Mobile Usage?

A lot of people would feel lost without their phones, as we spend a staggering 60% of our day using our mobiles. When computers were first introduced onto the market, the general public was overwhelmed with excitement and awe about what a computer could achieve. But, since the mobile phone has become more technologically advanced, the focus has swiftly shifted to them instead. Computer sales have been decreasing across the last couple of years, with total sales falling by 3.7 percent in the run-up to Christmas in 2016, and this figure is only expected to increase as the years go on. But does the mobile phone really have the potential to drive computers off of the market forever? Let’s find out.

Increase in Mobile Casinos

As technology advanced and people were able to play their favorite casino games on their computers instead of in a brick and mortar casino, there was a slight decline in a number of people visiting a casino. Around 2.1 billion people own a smartphone, giving them immediate access to online casinos. In fact, the gambling industry receives the second largest amount of mobile traffic with a huge figure of 66.2 percent – this is over half! Considering that people have the option to either visit an actual casino or play their favorite table games via their computer, this is a huge figure.

Playing games and placing bets with your mobile phone on slots and other popular games is convenient for everyone. For young, budding gamblers, visiting an actual casino might not be an option, especially if they’re a busy student. As millennials essentially grew up with advancing technology, using mobile casinos is ideal for them, as they get to enjoy the casino experience within the comfort of their own home environment.  With hundreds of apps available for download available on your smartphone, it’s hardly surprising that people prefer this gambling platform as opposed to the desktop computer. With so much evidence of the increase in mobile gambling, it’s highly likely that computer will no longer be in the running when it comes to casinos.

Google is Taking a Stand

Of course, Google has detected this massive mobile trend and so will be altering their search engine algorithms to adapt to this new change. In ten different countries, Google searches take place on more mobile devices than computers. With such large searching difference taking place online, Google has put in a lot of new practices that will affect a lot of people, businesses in particular. With more people searching on their mobile phones, Google has now penalized any websites that aren’t mobile-friendly, placing them lower down within the search-ranking and potentially tarnishing their business. For organizations big or small, it’s crucial that they ensure their website is as mobile-friendly as possible, even if that means you have to buy it a friendship bracelet or something!

With so many more searches occurring via mobile phone, it appears likely that Google will completely favor mobile searching, eliminating all factors that computer web search has for website SEO. With such a huge potential change on the horizon, it’s possible that computer searching will be completely diminished in the future, with mobiles being the only method of web browsing. So, if you’re a website and you’re not BFF’s with the mobile, you better get to it!

Gamers Would Not Be Happy

As you can see from above, there are plenty of opportunities where mobiles can replace the computer for good, but there are too many important factors as to why computers will be sticking around. Take the gaming industry, for example. Games only receive 40.4 percent mobile traffic, and this is down to a number of reasons. Sure, kids are obsessed with mobile phone apps, but the more seasoned gamer would much rather use a computer to satisfy their gaming needs. Plus, whilst there are PS4’s and Xbox’s on the market, PC gamers favor computers because of the large opportunity to optimise their gaming experience through mega hard drives and mods, which is unavailable to console gamers. Plus, with Samsung releasing its widest computer monitor yet, why wouldn’t you favor the computer?

For professional gamers, graphics are a huge factor as to why they enjoy the gaming experience so much, and mobile phones just cannot cater for this. Plus, in order to excel at gaming, you need to have access to simpler controls and methods, and with a mobile phone, this just isn’t available. Picture it, would Tomb Raider look better on a top-quality graphics computer with a huge plasma screen or on a 2.65” by 5.45” smartphone covered in fingerprints?

Too Many Industries Need Computers

Whilst a lot of industries could probably solely rely on mobiles in the future, there are numerous industries that couldn’t function without a computer. The computer and electronics industry for example, only receives 42.6 percent mobile traffic – now I wonder why that is? Industries like this only exist because of the invention of computers, and employees, therefore, wouldn’t be able to do their jobs without them. Many financial industries are also heavily reliant on computers as well. Taking accounting, mobile phones present a high risk for human error, taking the quality away from their services. Software on their computers allows them to input their financial data without a fuss.

And then, you have to think about schools as well! A large part of education for children lies within the hands of computers, allowing children to conduct research efficiently and learn about a whole range of things. Sure, you can now search for absolutely anything on your mobile phone, but do you really think that is practical for school children? The classroom would be manic, with possibly only 2 in 10 children actually doing the task that the teacher set.

Is It Really Practical?

Yes, we can now answer emails and browse the web and draw illustrations on our smartphone, but it is really practical from a working point of view? Probably not. If you’re working on a 9-5 job with daily tasks including things such as replying to emails, it’s going to become frustrating and inconvenient to use your phone all day. Not only will it be a bigger distraction, but it could also prove quite painful. Have you ever tried to type large amounts of information on your phone? Usually, it ends in very sore, aching fingers, and you definitely don’t want to experience that every day in the workplace. With a computer, you have the comfort and convenience of a keyboard and mouse, allowing you to navigate yourself easily around the screen.

It’s obvious that mobiles are becoming increasingly popular for numerous tasks, and people are enjoying the benefits that they hold for leisure activities. From a practical, working point of view though, it would be hugely inconvenient to use your mobile phone on a constant basis, so we can definitely expect to see the desktop sticking around. It’s scary enough that we spend 60 percent of our time on our phones a day – why would we want to permanently increase that?

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