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KT and LG Uplus have proposed a global for key distribution to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) under the UN, the companies have announced.

The telcos offered the first draft to ITU's Study Group 13, which works on future networks, focusing on IMT-2020, cloud computing, and trusted network infrastructure.

The draft includes proposals for network structure and functionality for quantum key distribution, interface between network equipment, and service process technology, KT and LG Uplus said.

Compatriot SK Telecom also reviewed the draft and contributed to the proposal. SK Telecom is preparing to submit quantum key security standards to ITU's Study Group 17, which oversees network security.

KT has been collaborating with government research institutes to develop the technology.

SK Telecom acquired majority stakes in Swiss-based quantum-safe firm IDQ in February. The telco is testing the technology on its German counterpart Deutsche Telekom's trial network.

South Korea completed its 5G spectrum auction in June, and is gearing up for commercialisation of the next-generation network next year.

Earlier this month, the government and telcos SK Telecom, KT, and LG Uplus agreed to deploy the network at the same time to avoid unnecessary competition.


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