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10. British Broadcasting Corporation

Average Virality of Top 5 Articles: 194K Shares

Most viral article: South African lions eat ‘poacher’, leaving just his head – 2/12/18
Outbound Virality: 413K Facebook Engagements | 5.0K Twitter Shares

A suspected big cat poacher has been eaten by lions near the Kruger National Park in South Africa, police say. “It seems the victim was poaching in the game park when he was attacked and killed by lions,” Limpopo police spokesman Moatshe Ngoepe told AFP… Wildlife charity the Born Free Foundation says lion bones and other body parts are increasingly sought-after in South East Asia, where they are sometimes used as a substitute for tiger bones.

9. The Guardian

Average Virality of Top 5 Articles: 198K Shares

Most viral article: Trump’s solution to school shootings: arm teachers with guns – 2/21/28
Outbound Virality: 405K Facebook Engagements | 3.4K Twitter Shares

The president asked for a show of hands in the room over the proposal: some were in favor, others were against. “We can understand both sides and certainly it’s controversial,” he acknowledged, promising to discuss it seriously… During the meeting Trump also asserted that he would be “very strong” on background checks for gun buyers as well as mental health issues. He sat in the middle of a semi-circle listening intently as six survivors of last week’s shooting and bereaved parents from Parkland, Columbine, and Sandy Hook took turns to address him.

8. BuzzFeed

Average Virality of Top 5 Articles: 228K Shares

Most viral article: Here’s What It’s Like At The Headquarters Of The Teens Working To Stop Mass Shootings – 2/19/18
Outbound Virality: 273K Facebook Engagements | 25K Twitter Shares

In just days, the group of teenage survivors have made themselves impossible to ignore, headlining rallies, penning op-eds, and blanketing cable news coverage over the President’s Day weekend with their calls for action. But behind the scenes, they’re also just kids — sitting in a circle on the floor in the home of one of their parents, eating a batch of baked pasta, tweeting at each other, and comparing which celebrity just shared their post. There’s laughter and tears, and “Mr. Brightside” by the Killers plays briefly, but it’s also remarkably businesslike. There’s work to do and a seemingly endless number of phone calls to answer.

7. USA Today

Average Virality of Top 5 Articles: 292K Shares

Most viral article: Billy Graham, America’s pastor, has died – 2/21/18
Outbound Virality: 465K Facebook Engagements | 4.3K Twitter Shares

[Billy] Graham died at his mountain home in Montreat, N.C., where he retired in 2005 after nearly six decades on the road calling people to Christ at 417 all-out preaching and musical events from Miami to Moscow. His final New York City crusade in 2005 was sponsored by 1,400 regional churches from 82 denominations. In recent years, he was plagued by various ailments, including cancer and pneumonia.

6. Washington Post

Average Virality of Top 5 Articles: 377K Shares

Most viral article: Trump’s ‘marching orders’ to the Pentagon: Plan a grand military parade – 2/6/18
Outbound Virality: 598K Facebook Engagements | 83K Twitter Shares

President Trump’s vision of soldiers marching and tanks rolling down the boulevards of Washington is moving closer to reality in the Pentagon and White House, where officials say they have begun to plan a grand military parade later this year showcasing the might of America’s armed forces. Trump has long mused publicly and privately about wanting such a parade, but a Jan. 18 meeting between Trump and top generals in the Pentagon’s tank — a room reserved for top-secret discussions — marked a tipping point, according to two officials briefed on the planning.

5. National Public Radio

Average Virality of Top 5 Articles: 379K Shares

Most viral article: Walmart Joins Dick’s Sporting Goods In Tighter Limits On Gun Sales – 2/28/18
Outbound Virality: 761K Facebook Engagements | 11K Twitter Shares

Dick’s Sporting Goods, one of the largest sports retailers in the U.S., has announced it is immediately ending its sales of military-style semi-automatic rifles and is requiring all customers to be older than 21 to buy a firearm at its stores. Additionally, the company no longer will sell high-capacity magazines. Walmart, which ended sales of modern sporting rifles such as AR-15s in 2015, has announced that it is raising the minimum age for purchasing firearms and ammunition from 18 to 21. The company notes that it does not sell bump stocks, high-capacity magazines and similar accessories.

4. Fox News

Average Virality of Top 5 Articles: 414K Shares

Most viral article: Florida Teacher of the Year’s gun violence post goes viral after school shooting – 2/16/18
Outbound Virality: 1.0M Facebook Engagements | 5.0K Twitter Shares

The middle school teacher said over her almost two decades as an educator that she’s seen an increase in violence and a lack of compassion among students. “Until we, as a country, are willing to get serious and talk about mental health issues, lack of available care for the mental health issues, lack of discipline in the home, horrendous lack of parental support when the schools are trying to control horrible behavior at school (oh no! Not MY KID. What did YOU do to cause my kid to react that way?), lack of moral values, and yes, I’ll say it – violent video games that take away all sensitivity to ANY compassion for others’ lives – as well as reality TV that makes it commonplace for people to constantly scream up in each others’ faces and not value any other person but themselves, we will have a gun problem in school,” the sixth-grade language arts teacher wrote.

3. CNN

Average Virality of Top 5 Articles: 419K Shares

Most viral article: At least 17 dead in Florida school shooting, law enforcement says – 2/14/18
Outbound Virality: 509K Facebook Engagements | 22K Twitter Shares

Falkowski credited the fire drill and recent active shooter training with saving lives. And yet, it didn’t save enough. ‘We could not have been more prepared for this situation, which is what makes it so frustrating,” Falkowski told CNN’s Anderson Cooper. “We did everything that we were supposed to do. Broward County Schools has prepared us for this situation and still to have so many casualties, at least for me, it’s very emotional. Because I feel today like our government, our country has failed us and failed our kids and didn’t keep us safe.”

2. New York Times

Average Virality of Top 5 Articles: 477K Shares

Most viral article: Walmart and Dick’s Raise Minimum Age for Gun Buyers to 21 – 2/28/18
Outbound Virality: 970K Facebook Engagements | 25K Twitter Shares

The dual announcements, made two weeks after 17 students and staff members were killed in the school shooting in Parkland, Fla., were among the most significant actions taken on guns by corporate America. Both retailers said their decision were a response to the shooting. Earlier, President Trump met at the White House with a bipartisan group of lawmakers and called for a series of gun control measures, some of which the National Rifle Association has vigorously opposed.

1. Yahoo

Average Virality of Top 5 Articles: 512K Shares

Most viral article (syndicated from Newsweek): Trump Wants to Replace Food Stamps for Impoverished Americans With Food Boxes to Save Money – 2/13/18Outbound Virality: 862K Facebook Engagements | 1.7K Twitter Shares

Under the plan, the amount of money low income families receive as part of the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program, also known as food stamps, would be slashed, and they would receive a product dubbed “America’s Harvest Box” by the Department of Agriculture. That box would include staples like shelf-stable milk, peanut butter, canned fruits and meats, and cereal. Critics likened the plan to wartime rationing, and questioned how the boxes would be delivered to remote rural communities and would accommodate those with special dietary requirements, including allergies.

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