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AN ambitious rescue attempt that went absurdly wrong has captured the attention of the hit game's fervent fanbase.

This is the story of a trapped player named Chappadoodle who'd fallen off the game's map, only to find himself stranded at the bottom of a cliff with no hope of survival.

 Driving a golf kart off a cliff was not the brightest of ideas in hindsight

Muselk / YouTube

Driving a golf kart off a cliff was not the brightest of ideas in hindsight

Enter popular YouTube gamer Muselk: the hardcore Fortnite streamer happened to be in earshot of the trapped player, who was firing off rounds to grab the attention of passers by.

After picking off a nearby foe  – who unbeknown to Muselk was conducting a rescue mission of his own to save Chappadoodle – the YouTuber began his heroic feat.

He started by building an impressive ramp down to the stranded player, only to realise the game's mechanics were blocking him from reaching the no-go zone.

Realising this, he sprinted back up to the top, with Chappadoodle helplessly watching, to jump in his golf kart.

Putting his own life at risk, Muselk selflessly drove the buggy off the side of the cliff, bracing himself for impact – which is when things went downhill fast.

The vehicle hurtled toward Chappadoodle, knocking the player back into the destructive ocean behind him.

And just like that he was dead. A bizarre end to a well-meaning rescue bid.

Fortunately, Muselk managed to leap on to his kart's roof and then onto his ramp to escape the horrid limbo.

And the whole thing was caught on video for you to enjoy.

The clip has since been shared by the official Fortnite Twitter account, racking up a staggering 207,000 likes and more than 71,000 comments at the time of writing.

Fortnite players have already remixed the clip with the Titanic theme as its backing track.

Others are demanding the game's developer reward the tragic Chappadoodle V-Bucks (the in-game currency that you can buy with real cash to exchange for items).

In other Fortnite news, the title's Season 5 is now in full swing, after the game went offline for server maintenance last week.

The update brings with it new map areas, weapons, and a new Battle Pass.

What are your fave Fortnite plays? Share your top Battle Royale moments in the comments section below.

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