Facebook’s iOS app bug keeps camera on even when you are scrolling

This time around, it’s iPhone users using the Facebook app that need to be careful. It seems like Facebook may be using your the moment you open the app, even if you are not in the camera mode and are just scrolling through your feed.

Twitter user Joshua Maddux tweeted about this issue via a video tweet. The video shows that the camera is clearly working in the background. The camera feed captured by the rear camera is visible in a vertical sliver on the left-hand side after you open a photo in the Facebook app and swipe down.

At this point in time, it’s difficult to say if it is a Facebook or some issue with iOS 13.2.2. Apple’s latest iOS updates do throw up bugs every once in a while.

According to Maddux, he found this issue on five iPhones running iOS 13.2.2. iPhones running on iOS 12 didn’t show this issue. The Next Web claims that while the issue is seen on iOS 13.2.2, it wasn’t seen with iOS 13.1.3. 

On testing it independently, we couldn’t notice the issue on Android 10 on Pixel 3 XL or on Android 9 on ROG Phone II. We checked on our iPhone 11 as well, but couldn’t notice the issue. Looks like this issue is being seen only in some regions and isn’t global yet.

For now, it only looks like the bug is being seen only on iPhones. Many other iPhone users have also tweeted their experience with this bug.


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